sooo im back! ….for one week only haha, small interim period before i drag my butt off to seoul at the end of this week!


got back from the states on friday so i am quiiiite the tired jetlagged individual right now; since i know the haul post is porbably what people want to see first il post the shoppingz now, and update on each trip stop in separate blogs a bit later:)


i tried to be careful with what i bought [given im an unemployed bum for the next few months…reverting back to student-mode], so i think i could’ve definitely bought more but stopped myself from doing so. we did stop by woodbury commons outlets during our time in new york, so i may have bought some unnecessary things there; but overall i mainly spent on skincare/makeup [which again is pretty much half price in the states-__-] and tried to be more careful on everything else.


also made my very first luxury brand purchase! which hopefully will last me for yeaaaaaaaaaaars….=]


took most of these photos on approximately 3 hours of sleep; so please excuse the blurriness and messy background for most:) enjoy!








Johnny Cupcakes, a LA-based tshirt brand – had the most awesome bakery-inspired shopfit ever! a lot of the tshirt designs i wanted [such as ‘Make Cupcakes Not War’] were out of smaller sizes; so i settled for the cupcake boy and a signature tote. soo awesome though! and they gave u a  lil pack with lollies and a button hehe:)





Mario Badescu; NY-based brand [i bought online and shipped to LA though] that specialises in acne skincare, and other skin conditions – been interested in trying this for acne for years now, but in my desperation to try something for my horribly inflamed eczema around my eyes [which thankfully has settled down since before the america trip], i bought a lot of the skincare for rosacea… healing cream, control cream, calming mask, as well as some acne products like drying cream, and the hyaluronic eye cream. they are awesome! not only did they allow 3 free samples of their other products [in that lil bag], they also included a mini shampoo and condition and a body lotion in that zip bag for free:D

i havent tried the products yet; but will post about it when i do! [given i remember…hahaha]




Boutique 9 bronze heels. on sale in bloomingdales in chicago:)




i dunno how much these are my style; but i thought a sparkly pair of heels could come in use:) also bloomingdales sale; Aqua silver glitter heels.






Marc Jacobs neon yellow iPad neoprene cover – been lusting over this a while when i spotted it on shopbop.com, so i was delighted when i found it discounted at the bloomingdales sale! what bad timing that i already have a [cheapo] ipad cover though… -___-




the Clarisonic Mia2 [note: the Mia1 is the same price in australia as the Mia2 in the states…so of course i bought it there haha] – much raved about giant-toothbrush-for-your-face looking implement; another thing i looked up in my desperation for a eczema reliever…apparently this works?? iv used it twice so far since coming home, my skin feels much smoother! but its early days yet so we shall see:)





brushhead with 2 different speed functions for the head; normal and low.



included a small tube of the Clarisonic gel cleanser:)




the charger is interesting; it magnetically clips onto the bottom of the device:)



bought two extra delicate brushheads – supposedly need to change the head every 3 months, so lets see how expensive this gets=/





Urban Decay Naked2 palette! just because i can haha…as a lot of ppl have already said, the shades are pretty similar [i think the shades are better in naked1 but these are quite complimetary to use together], and the casing is MUCH more sturdy [naked1 feels flimsy/cardboard-like almost in comparison], and i like how the brush is double sided in this one:) like!



this one comes with a small tube of lip plumping lipgloss – quite nice, it has that cool tingly feeling:)




Bliss ingrown hair eliminating pads; always have a problem with this on my legs [which caused lovely scarring early on in my teens because id try and dig them out with tweezers…man i was stupid -__-] so i wonder if this will help now. dont see many brands doing this kind of thing!




Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in Eden [a matte nude, instead of the regular clear] – i like the mini one of this in the naked1 palatte, so decided to buy a whole tube:)




my regular MAC eyeliner [and bought a kohl by accident…oh well] and a blending brush for eyeshadow from Sephora:)





raggh! my cute Tokidoki dino – loved the flagship store in LA, and the girl there gave us free stickers with our purchases:)




Victoria Secret Beach Angel + Bombshell summer edition body mists – always loved VS fragrances; props to them for being good at stuff other than lingerie! also liked this Tahiti one but i couldnt find it at the store i went to=[

bought my CLEAN fresh laundry + summer escape fragrances from Sephora – i LOVE this brand, it was a bit sad when the salesgirl told me they were getting rid of the brand from their stores because noone was actually aware it existed! thats sad, its the best!!




spent enough to get freebies from Sephora – Laura Mercier foundation primer and Philosophy ‘hope in a jar’ moisturiser. havent tried either before so will comment when i do:)




nail polish is so cheap – OPI’s ‘Keep Me On My Mistletoes’, orange neon polish from American Apparel, Essie ‘no chips ahead’, OPI ‘Rapidry’ topcoat, Nicole for OPI gold texture polish.




…yeah so i couldnt resist and bought a giant purple plushie Nerd. SO CUTE.




KIDROBOT! i love these lil figurine collectible things:D



got lenny. hehe.



ugh wish he wasnt an ugly shade of pink. still want a gigantic labbit>__<




this lil dude looked familiar when i saw him, cant pick from where though. dont believe the hype!




American Apparel basic tees – charcoal, neon yellow, white – got the guy tshirts because nearly everything in the ladies section is either cropped or spandex-tight. and i like my tshirts loose.



American Apparel black matte-coated leggings, gold lame leggings, nude slip dress – figured the gold leggings i could use…somehow. i love the black ones! theyr so much more durable than other thinner ones i have…



H&M basics again – same tshirt dress as last time in striped and red, cropped orange loose tee.



bad photo but its one of those chiffon overlay maxi skirts with a black mini underneath. courtesy of H&M.



H&M black wrap skirt. on sale for $15. score.



glitter mini! unfortunately not all around; made of grey jersey on the back. thanks H&M.




Love Pink [Victoria Secrets brand] basics – red tee, short shorts + trackies. theyr sooo comfy!! a lil on the pricey side for me though.




ok so i didnt actually buy this, my bro bought it for me a while back but il post it anyway – Adidas Linsanity tee! good quality too. hehe.




Tripp NYC pleather leggings/pants. unsure how i feel abt these because the fit is a bit weird [or maybe i need to lose more weight]…but whatever.




Under Armor running tank and shorts; Nike running shorts [which cost me under $10 at the outlets! best buy of the day haha].




domo + Tokidoki x Marvel Avengers snapbacks. couldnt resist. the domo text glows in the dark too;)




random jewelry, clockwise from left: H&M chain ear cuffs; Karmaloop gold spiked stretchy cuff; H&M multi chains; Urban Outfitters gold rope necklace; H&M jewelled cat ring; Urban Outfitter silver and gold bracelets.




H&M plaited belts in neon yellow + gold:)




‘drugstore’ Maybelline + L’oreal mascara. because its way cheaper than here at home.






Prada Saffiano wallet – been thinking for a few yrs abt investing in a good wallet; originally was thinking Chanel but my friend convinced me that the high quality Prada leather would be much more withstanding of abuse…happy with my purchase! and a lot cheaper than back in australia, of course. love how they give u an authentification card hehe.




Armani Exchange wedges – ok so i totally didnt need these. especially because i have enough heels which make me taller than everyone by a lot….but they were incredibly comfortable as soon as i put them on! and they were about 50% off the original retail, at woodbury commons. hot or not? you decide.





i also bought a pair of metallic Keds from Karmaloop as seen HERE – the fit was a bit weird, snug at the front and loose at the back but they were ok to walk in as it is…but im pretty disappointed that only having worn them for around 2 weeks in the states, the canvas has already ripped at the heels. and i was going to use these as walking shoes when i go to korea…so thats fail….-___-


my final purchase which i also forgot to take a photo of is the chambray shirt i bought from J. Crew [looking for chambray for a while actually] which looks something like THIS  but in a slightly darker, grey-blue wash…love it! got a nice reduction on it at the outlets too which was good.



thats about it for now…stay tuned for my other america posts:)






beckii xo

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