…so im going to break down my USA trip by stops:) note: all will be pretty photo heavy!


..i also didnt bother editing my photos because of time constraints this week; so they wont be as pretty as normal. ahaha.


the first leg of the trip was tiring off the bat – i had an optom conference the entire weekend leading up to my flight; so i slept only a few hrs before leaving to fly – this STILL didnt help me sleep on the 14 hr flight up to LAX -___-


on arriving in los angeles, my buddy and i made our way to the car rental place to pick up our rental car. little did i know [although he did] that our rental car was…a convertible camero. BALLER!



camero. shiny!!



after talking to the rental place owner, we found out that apart from hiring our baller, EXPENSIVE rides to clients, they also did custom modifications on cars.

friend: “hey so whos ferrari is that in the garage?”
owner: “oh, thats just 50 cents.”
us: “WHAT!?”

so they were nice enough to let us happy snap 50 cent and Tyga‘s customised rides; also informing us that a few magazine photoshoots had taken place in the garage itself. crazy!!



Tyga’s customised audi.



50 cent’s customised ferrari.


it was amusing for the first few days [at least for my friend] to try and drive in an unfamiliar car on the other side of the road haha! continually had to check him so he didnt veer the car too close to the right side of the road=P


due to a last minute change, our LA accomodation ended up being in Beverly Hills, rather than Santa Monica as was originally planned. The upgrade fee was waived; and we ended up staying in a very nice area of town. not to mention, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, as you can see in the photos of Rodeo Drive below.





beautiful weather! not a cloud in the sky.



first lunch – the Cheesecake Factory. forgot about AMERICAN SIZED SERVINGS – we barely touched half of the food and was full. completely overtipped the waitress who served us due to us being n00bs at the whole tipping thing; but she was nice enough:)



my warm caramel apple cider. interesting!



wings. this was meant to be entree size 0__O



some kind of corn cake things. i forget now.



met up with my friend sara on the first night at The Grove – sooo nice! after a quick dinner she drove us downtown to a rooftop bar, which was sooo nice and chill! noted; parking is SO cheap in america compared to aus! and…Koreatown in LA is literally, a  TOWN. it comprised a good few large blocks in the city. i was shocked. DAMN.



strolling in The Grove…



view from the rooftop bar…cant remember the name but it was pretty packed for a Monday night! possibly in part due to the LA Lakers losing their game on that day…



so good to see her! me + sara:)



brunchy nomz took place the next morning at a place called Toast Cafe , which was located in a kind of weird isolated location. but it was pretty nice! good pancakes:) we also copped a parking fine due to reading the signs for streetcleaning wrong -___-!!



pondering what to order over coffee…




berry + banana pancakes with maple syrup♥



some kind of potato and scramble thing…



next stop; Melrose Avenue to hit up tokidoki, Johnny Cupcakes and kidrobot. went too early so went around for a stroll, and came across the Eggslut truck. it was epic.




mr poojou ordering ‘the slut’ – coddled eggs + truffled potatoes.



the slut! it was actually very good, i approve:D



all the parking meters have credit card slots. cash? what cash? definitely more efficient [and cheaper]..



i think we were pretty amused that the school buses look exactly as they do in movies and cartoons. hail to the bus driver, bus driver…






the tokidoki shop on melrose avenue! LOVED the awesome art + skateboard decks in the shopfit:)





johnny cupcakes. the best shopfit i saw all trip:)






the kidrobot store. I SPY MASSIVE LABBIT:D



massive labbit!! WANT!!



met up with my primary school friend richard – whom i havent seen for 15 years!! – down in Santa Monica. kind of crazy but awesome that i saw him after all these years, and hearing about his acting pursuits in Hollywood town.  you may have seen this guy on YouTube – him and his friends created Kid History on BoredShortsTV…im pretty impressed that they’ve gotten to the point of being able to do screenings of their Kid History episodes in different cities, which is sick:D

he took us down to the pier [again, AMAZING weather LA!] and to eat caribbean food:D



im not short, but damn you are tall richard.




down by the pier:)






jerk chicken + grilled bananas. good times.



the Santa Monica mall is soo nice! awesome shopping strip…ahh i would definitely be coming back here in the near future, i think:)






trip wouldnt be complete without PINKBERRY! love frozen yoghurt♥



after a packed 2 days in LA, it was onto SF!





– beckii xo


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