last few days in the big apple!

lazy morning; we stopped by Russ + Daughters for a breakfast bagel before making our way to harlem – a pretty well known place, Russ + Daughters has a billion different types of fish, cream cheese, roe and other condiments to spread on your bagel…guh! it was awesome.  i wish they had something like that here!



billion different types of cream cheese…



..and a billion different types of fish..



deciding what to order:D



ahahah. rush hour, anyone?



sunny morning:)



my toasted raisin bagel with tofu cream cheese.



poops bagel with trout roe, cream cheese + some kind of smoked fish. i forget now.



next stop, Harlem for the Hush Hiphop walking tour. our tour guide was this young 20-year old MC/bboy/graffiti artist, Chief 69 – being well versed on the origins of new york hiphop despite his age! the tour pretty much comprised us walking around different spots in harlem, stopping to explain to us the relevance of that particular spot in hiphop history. it was super informative, i really liked it!

check out Hush’s hiphop tours HERE🙂





chief 69:)



so this photo is kind of fail in depicting what i want, but its the corner of 106th st and park avenue – so BET show 106 and Park used to be filmed near here!



behind this concrete wall is the[?] original graffiti playground, which gets repainted every summer – its actually a primary school playground, so because the kids were in there we werent allowed to take photos=[ but they were AMAZING!! this concrete wall is reserved for graffiti for one of the esteemed graffiti crews in new york [TatsCru?]



the Conway building across the world used to be called ‘Harlem World’ – which i assumed was some kind of giant hiphop costco back in the day. ahahha.




Graham Court – prestige building used in multiple films – including American Gangster, Ray…



Paris Blues, an old jazz club where famous musicians used to come and play at.



Saint Teresa Hotel – accommodation of choice for celebrities and political figures.



Apollo Theatre! where a lot of big names started out…



gary + lichan decided to stop by White Castle on our way out of harlem – we got out of there ASAP when two guys started having a heated argument, hahah!



apparently the burgers are rubbish?



made our way back downtown for Shake Shack – which i didnt have, and wandered off to Eataly while the guys stood in line to get their burgers. Eataly is pretty cool! set up so you can buy different things in different parts of the store…



the Flatiron building.



the line! for shake shack 0___o



approaching eataly…



each stop labelled so you can buy coffee, paninis, desserts, etc…





pancetta baguette. it was ok, although i think i shouldve bought a veggie one haha..



we said goodbye to gary:( and then it was onto Warby Parker HQ to pick up mr poojou’s sunglasses. Warby Parker is an online glasses retailer that sells prescription glasses from the very low price of $95.

i actually think they look pretty good!my only beef with this [as an optom haha] is that they only sell polycarbonate lenses; and polycarb tends to scratch very easily as a softer material – although it has great impact resistance. so if you ever get hit in the face with a tennis ball or a fist, you’ll be fiiine=P […just kidding]




the showroom:)



went out at night for dinner and drinks with my friend phil at Totto Ramen…New York really loves lining up for things huh – we had a 40 minute wait to get in -__-



line outside the Broadway theatre showing Book of Mormon…nuts!!






lots of ramen. i cant exactly remember what was ordered. was good though=]



only slept a few hours before getting up to rush pack for our flight back home! last food stop? Clinton Street Bakery….for pancakes:D which were awesome.




banana + walnut pancakes with maple butter, super goood!



we took a town car to JFK airport…like a boss. ROFL. just kidding…we got it using this phone app called Uber, which allows for you to call for a private driver from wherever you are – somehow lichan got $20 credit from his previous use, and so it ended up being quite affordable:D





6 hour layover in LAX [which is STILL a really crappy airport], then it was 14 hrs back to burn city…







and thats the end! so awesome, its made me want to go back already writing up these blogs=[



some end thoughts:

  • santa monica is beautiful; id want to stay there next time im in los angeles
  • the standard of food overall is better in melbourne in comparison to the states – but they take bbq and burgers super seriously
  • shopsins on essex st is awesome, and i want more crazy fusion food
  • i still dont know when to tip. and i wish tax and tips would be INCLUDED in the price you see on things -__-
  • even with my 10 days in new york, there is simply too much to do and see and its just too big! you need much longer than 10 days…
  • i definitely need more than 10 days to get my bearings/orientation right in new york. roofl.
  • san francisco is a super hipster version of melbourne.
  • americans are a LOT more awesome and nicer than i originally thought – i used to think canadians trumped americans in friendliness, but i was pleasantly surprised this trip:)
  • east village was a great location to stay in – a lot of the bars and food places were very close proximity to where we were
  • NY is not as ‘high fashion’ as i thought – unless we were in super baller areas, the fashion scene was kind of meh…normal
  • i love the highline.
  • korea town in los angeles is ridiculously huge



hmm i think thats about it for now. best to start packing for my next adventure! follow me on instagram: @beckiiness for more america photos, and for my upcoming korea ones in the next 3 months to come….=]






– beckii xo


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