apologys for not posting much – seriously havent had much time spare between going to uni, homework, and overall going out and seeing seoul 😀 got a few moments to update finally, yay!

settling in here has been pretty smooth since the first few weeks – its super interesting meeting people from all over the world at yonsei, my class is super global so its pretty cool to hear about other cultures in class – not to mention, everyone’s fluency in english varies to different degrees…so korean may be the more fluent language! because of this sometimes i need to use korean rather than english to converse, which is both hard on my part and kind of amusing. but its good practise non the less, because my speaking ability is pretty crap! [vs my reading/writing which is not bad].

my weekends thus far have been taken up with events – R16 global bboy competition 2 weekends ago, and the Summer Wave Festival last weekend. both were really awesome experiences! …in different ways.

iv been dying to go to R16 for a couple of years now, so i booked tickets to the finals show on the sunday as soon as i could. me and a few classmates hit up the R16 preparty on the friday night prior; where i spotted mr jay park [my friend got so starstruck bahaha] and korean canadian beatboxer KRNFX, who informed me after i said hello that it was possible to buy tickets at the door for R16…

SO! the following day me and a friend decided to try our luck with tickets, and managed to get pretty close seats [R석] to the stage in olympic park.

first day battles were popping, locking and solo bboying. im not a huge fan of locking, but i really enjoyed the popping [and of course bboying] – the countries were pretty random, i was surprised to even see a popper from kazahkstan there! my favourite popper of the night was this dude from taiwan called Snow…very creative with his moves.

a 14 yr old japanese bboy called Issei took out the solo bboy rounds – CRAZY power moves, i was so impressed! especially when i found out he was only 14 a few days later…nuts!! 0__O

unfortunately because olympic stadium is about 50 mins subway ride from home, we left before jay park/dok2/the quiett’s concert=[

day 2 was the crew performances, as well as crew battles. korea [Jinjo Crew], america [Massive Monkees], japan [Found Nation] and belgium [Team Schmetta] were my favourites of the night, and some of the battles were SO intense – especially between korea vs america!! so awesome…because im stupid i forgot to bring an extra memory card so i had to delete some of the battles from the first day to make room for the 2nd day battles…and even then i could barely film anything T__T

all in all, freakin SICK. i want to come back to next years event!

next weekend was the Summer Wave Festival – at Caribbean Bay, which is about 2 hours away from seoul. so…honestly it was a bit of a trek to take a subway and then a bus [which, was a bit confusing for us to find]…but we made it in time. the line up for saturday was Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae [and Bizzy, who i discovered later hehe:D], Ludacris as the main set, and M-flo[!!!!] to finish. SOOO excited to see m-flo, i have been a huge fan of theirs for years and years and years.

overall the performances were DOPE – the crowd got so hype and i loved how they all did old classic songs [especially ludacris and m-flo] – one of the highlights was definitely in the m-flo set [by this time we had managed to push forward from pretty far away from the stage to a few metres in front of the stage], where for the old classic song ‘miss you’ they brought out MELODY [who originally sang the song] and instead of ryohei, TAEYANG came out!! which was such a shock! but the crowd went nuts when he popped his mohawked head out. definitely awesome. we had to catch a shuttle bus back to seoul so unfortunetly couldnt catch the entire mflo set=[

my main beef with the caribbean bay festival was the POOR MANAGEMENT. it was terrible. for example, they gave out handwritten numbers to line up for entry into the festival – of which the girl who gave me my wristbands told me nothing about, so i had to end up asking around in my crappy korean how on earth to get the numbers [which werent being given out anymore at that time] and if it was ok to get in without numbers; lined up for over an hour outside in the wet and cold because they had to herd everyone into a massive line before letting us in; and the setup times between stages were WAY too long, especially as it was a standng concert. so good experience, but i dont think il do it again.

not to mention….dinner on all of these days was past 12am due to how far everything was from home! think my stomach ate itself. bahaha.

i also decided to finally sign up for taekwondo at the dojang down the road from my place – it is a little expensive, but it allows for unlimited training [2 sessions a day, 5 days a week], and i got my hands on a black uniform:D:D the head instructor wouldnt allow me to use a black belt because my taekwondo patterns are rusty; so he gave me a white belt instead. which is kind of hilarious; iv become a reverse black belt ahahahah.

this club is quite good though [click HERE for Hanwoori Taekwondo], i like how they focus on something different every day [i.e mondays are stretching, tuesdays physical exercise, wednesday sparring techniqu
es, thursdays combo drills, fridays sparring] so it allows you to i suppose, refine all the different areas of training. i am currently damn sore from only 2 days of training…but its good. im still miles fitter than i would be back in melbourne HAHA.

also discovered with a singaporean friend that there IS KAYA HERE!!!! from my previous posts [see HERE and HERE] you might guess how much i love kaya. have to say after trying [even at the yakun kaya place], singaporeans do it better=P but its still not too bad here.

aside from that its just been learning new korean things all the time, meeting people, going out, discovering awesome cafes and eating awesome [and cheap] food….hehe.




lord sandwich ‘jifoo’ roll – had walnuts, different kind of mushrooms, grilled onion and some other things in it. super good. at yonsei campus.




caught a guy doing some fresh graffiti paint near the sinchon tunnel on the way to yonsei:D:D




비빔냉면/mixed naengmyeon….i cant say i like this at all=/




수제비/ummm some kind of noodle soup. hard to explain.




my friend checking out my textbooks hahaha….








it completely poured down after this…




곱창/intestines. yes, intestines.




looked a bit less gross all cut up. taste was ok but….still=/








찜닭! love this.




kaya kopitiam in ehwa womens uni area/이대. not bad….bread was a bit soggy though.




down in apgujeong for the R16 preparty:)





yup. my only stalker shot of jay.








me + KRNFX:)




found it! R16 day 1.




my ticket!






Flex vs Snow.




boogaloo kin took out the win overall in the end.



boogaloo kin took out the overall win in the end.




밭빙수 at iceberry!




team schmetta vs simple system.





tried din tai fung in myeongdong…not bad! siu long bao.




some weird siu mai hybrids…the prawn one was like a siu long bao and had soup at the bottom of it 0__O




YAKUNN! in seoul finance centre.





again, not bad. but i really cant get used to kaya toast with that much butter. apparently the eggs were good; my friend had them.




went for a homecooked meal at my friend’s house. soo nice!:D:D:D




my cute teacher who loves mandarins – another student gave her a bunch one day and she got sooo excited! so i took this picture hahaha.




lunch with language exchange partners at a popular tonkatsu place.




cafe comma in hongdae – pretty cool study cafe…weird paint smell inside though.




my pomelo ade, friends mochacchino + some other coffee i dont know the name of hahaha. super good!




김치찌개 at 찌개짚 in hongdae. good stuff.




friday night food and drinks at a makgeolli/막걸리 bar in hongdae. mmm.




walking to caribbean bay…sooo wet and cold!






slowly lining up to go inside…




annnd more waiting…




music starting…running to the stage!!




Bizzy started off the concert. yieah!




i like this shot of him:)




bizzy + drunken tiger:)





introducing lady T! yoon mirae.




i like his short hair:)










mflo coming out!









sexy dancers from japan hehe.




bad picture but thats melody and taeyang:)




tofu chips. not bad.





dinner at 1,30am. UGH.



until next time! enjoy the photos:)




– beckii xo


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