so im finally back in australia, incredibly sad that my few awesome months in korea is now over!! and apologies for not having blogged for so long – i hardly had the time nor energy to edit photos/sit down and prepare a blog post…so here is one finally!



for the first month or so, as you all know – my weekends were completely! taken over by concerts and what not. i dont particularly follow much kpop anymore but because i have a major girl crush on CL [^___^]; i was quite keen to go to the 2NE1 concert…until i actually had to organise it, and then it became a total pain in the butt!

what is frustrating about buying tickets for events in korea is that the majority of them are only on korean sites, and only a select few of these are also put onto the english/global site. so that makes my life much harder due to: 1) the need to comprehend everything in korean; 2) the need to have a korean bank account/ID number…which i dont have.

having missed the first round of 2NE1 tickets i tried for the second – only to be rejected time and time again from the freakin site, even when refreshing the browser. and even then i was only able to reserve 2 seats at a time when i needed 4-6 tickets!! after much frustration [and kakao-talking to a billion people to try and see who could get obtain tickets] my friend managed to purchase 4 tickets for me…by that time i was in CAN-NOT-BE-BOTHERED mode.

…i ended up going though – 2NE1 put on a pretty good performance, and i was impressed overall by their stage presence – gotta say though, dara is pretty and she did quite well for her solo stage [love her half shaved hairstyle! so sick] – but she really cant sing rofl. definitely went out of tune more than once…

although it was a pretty cool experience [thousands and thousands of fans screaming, singing along, amazing outfits and stage set ups] i highly doubt i will bother going to another big concert again as it is SO troublesome! …when you’re not korean, that is. the area i live in korea is also verrrry far from the olympic stadium – so once more, dinner happened past 12am hahaha -___-



i am still pretty fascinated at how varied korean food can be; and how much of it is NOT found outside of korea! my housemates and i even went to try korean pizza at Mr Pizza, which was very interesting – iv never had a pizza crust stuffed with sweet potato paste, for one. i dont mind it [unlike some other friends haha] but it was pretty strange. definitely wouldnt recommend it if you’re not a fan of trying new things on pizzas haha;) [iv had weird combos on homemade pizzas before – such as fishballs, ramen and tofu…so its not as bad to me HAHA]



and, the strong drinking culture in korea will never cease to amaze me in some way – alcohol seems to be present at nearly every meal, and its just the accepted social thing to do there – eat and drink like that with your friends, and chill. fruit soju was pretty common in a lot of places me and my friends went – even served in hollowed out fruit!



the Han river is also VERY pretty at night – me and a few friends went down one friday night, and just chilled by the river. people nearby were lighting off fireworks, eating cake, ordering takeout [which was taken right up to them by a dude on a motorcycle:)], watching the pretty lights on the river in warm summer weather…it was beautiful!! unfortunately my photos cannot capture just how nice and relaxing it was. i love how seoul never sleeps…



anyway my english at the moment seems to be a bit jumbled; still needing to snap out of asia-mode given i only touched down here yesterday morning. forgive this blog for not really flowing very well haha! and enjoy the pictures:) more blogs to come…


2NE1’s concert:









CL’s solo stage…she did a DJ set. was awesome!






encore stage…


this next place became a VERY frequented spot [during nights out AND for normal meals bahaha] called 동래파전/dong nae pa jeon…pretty much is ‘bar’ which is known for its AWESOME spring onion pancake and makgeolli…i loved the pajeon! best iv ever had, i swear.





annd…the Han river lights at night. soo pretty!




kids were lighting off lil fireworks directly in front of the lit up dome…





another really nice bar called 가야/Gaya…the basement floor of a level, open space with big tables, and awesome food and drinks. loved it!




a cafe in sinchon that sells both 팥빙수/shaved ice desserts and 떡/rice cakes…really liked this place also!




melon soju. inside a melon.





friend at 동래파전 again…with a MASSIVE [‘왕’] bowl of makgeolli. we barely finished it.




korean pizza! it was interesting haha.




my normal morning route to university….there is usually at LEAST one passed out/sleeping person on the benches on the right side. look, i only managed to capture one this time…





dope graffiti on the way to uni. love it!!




walking to uni…




more 팥빙수…this one at red mango.




love how there is ‘water sounds’ in toilets hahaha.




eating 닭갈국수 with friends, like a light chicken soup:)





cute lil cafe my housemate and i found in hongdae called ‘The Bridge’. the staff stuck us in this cute lil cosy box room…really liked it!




i admire how this dude is out and about no matter the weather – rain, extreme heat – hes always there!! feel so sorry for him in super hot weather and a full furry get up though.




brunch at the Flying Pan in itaewon…my eggs benedict pancakes. it was interesting…



ok…until next time!


beckii xo


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