the halfway point of my stay was marked by korea independence day, which fell on the wednesday of this particular week – this meant [you guessed it] PARTYPARTYPARTY~!! …hahaha. i love how seoul never sleeps – it can be any day of the week, and everywhere will be open late! awesome ^__^

at yonsei KLI, apparently it is tradition/compulsory for the level 2 classes to participate in a 노래대회/singing competition, which involved each class preparing a korean song [and dance] to perform – however, my class was the ONLY class in the entire level to refuse to participate [my class being made up mainly of europeans/americans…i suppose that its more natural for asians to want to sing HAHA…i kid]….this lead to us being the only class on the day before independence day to have to actually sit in class and do lessons…

…not that we actually did. involved more of lounging around in class talking and eating peanut butter with apples, and sneaking in to watch the performances during break time, some of which were pretty amusing:D



taekwondo training in korea became a frequent activity for me – the taekwondo dojang ‘summer holiday’ coincidently fell during these same few days…its funny how after doing constant exercise then NOT doing it for a period of only 5 days puts you completely off sync. i nearly passed out during training that following thursday night! hahaha…


went to visit the 국기원/Kukkiwon with a friend on the friday – the Kukkiwon is the headquarters of the World Taekwondo Federation, so of course being in korea, and being involved in taekwondo…i had to go:)

the Kukkiwon is located down in the Gangnam area, south of the Han river [am astonished at how huge Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ has gotten…its a little crazy], so living at the northern end of Seoul, travel was pretty far – took us an hour by taxi! [found out later a much faster way to go via subway, but thats another story] the taxi ajosshi/uncle talked to us NONSTOP the entire way, being super excited that we were from australia/america/singapore – i was so tired it hurt my brain to have to listen, comprehend and reply to him in korean!

Kukkiwon was probably a bit less exciting than i expected, but it was still pretty cool to see the main stadium/dojang area where gradings and competitions are held, as well as the taekwondo museum – we accidentally set off the alarm=P sure they werent too impressed with us foreigners after that…it was nice to see the history of the place. also didnt know that it was at the Sydney Olympics that taekwondo was introduced as  a sport! nice…

went to buy taekwondo equipment at the nearby supply stores after – shocked at just how much cheaper everything is compared to buying equipment back home!! the markup is huge…so in saying that, a lil taekwondo retail therapy went underway soon after…



the Illionaire encore concert was the next night – suuuper excited for this as it was the first time iv managed to catch a hiphop show in seoul! all the other times iv narrowly missed the dates – so finally got to see beenzino live!! [dok2, quiett i still love you…iv just seen you before;)] met up with some friends before the show in hongdae, then went to pick up our tickets at V hall…


i was surprised to see that yes, 90% of the attendees were young females [thats what happens when good looking males are in the entertainment business…hahaha] – i expected a lot of female fans but not THAT many! V hall is basement level 3 floors below ground level…so waiting in ticket order along the stairs in korean summer/no ventilation for the concert to begin = disgustingly hot and sweaty. im sure it wasnt only me who nearly passed out waiting in the heat…everyone was dripping!

…although it got worse later -___- my friends and i managed to score standing spots directly in front of the end of the lil walkway they set up from stage  – so we were in an AWESOME vantage point! …it also meant we were in a prime wanted position for everyone else too. so the entire 3 hours of the concert was spent [in dripping wet, sweaty heat from all the people] using as much physical strength as i could to push back all the screaming girls who were trying to push forward/knock me and my friends over to get to  our spot – and i mean REALLY pushing – every time one of the rappers came down the walkway, id get several elbows into my back and ribs and a few over my head pushing my head down. as well as hands on my shoulders trying to pull me down/back…. dear crazy womens, you do NOT need to try so hard to touch them!!! 😡 was seriously tempted to smack the girls behind me for nearly knocking me over and having no respect by shoving my head down…-___-

aside from the crazy womens, the concert was amazing and i loved the sets! Beenzino was first, followed by The Quiett, then Dok2 – included a special surprise performance by Zion T! crowd went absolutely nuts when he came out. and special props to DJ Wegun! did a really dope set before the concert started.

crazy womens extra – Dok2 took his singlet off at the end and threw it into the crowd – the girls who grabbed it were fighting and playing tug of war over it for a good 10-15 minutes before one gave up haha. not to mention, someone tried to pull his boxers down when he came down the walkway…that wouldve been awkward for him!! 변태팬들…ㅎㅎ


so, all in all incredibly awesome concert performance, but i would think twice if i wanted to go again…unless i was in an area which didnt involve screaming/pushing girls-___- hahaha…


also checked out Times Square on the weekend with my housemates , a mega mall to the west side of seoul [maybe in yong dung po? im not sure…] – didnt know there was a times square in korea! it was pretty big, but nothing too special.

anyway, enjoy the photos!





팥빙수…so huge, we couldnt finish it after our dinner >__<




teacher + some of my classmates posing with apples and peanut butter hahaha…





clearly working….haha




green apples and peanut butter is actually pretty good…




udon place i went with my friend…cant remember the name!! but it was super good! in sinchon…




pretty entrance too:)





fresh graffiti on the tunnel on the way to uni:)





존닭/some kind of spicy/fried chicken dish, introduce to me by tkd friends…to make it healthier, we added cheese fondue HAHA;) super good!





the kukkiwon..




sydney olympics introducing tkd as a sport:)






so big and cool inside!







inside the museum:)




signed chestguard…sydney olympics! can you see lauren burns’ signature?




front gate of the kukkiwon…




retail therapy. i bought a lot of shoes…




객잔/gaek jan bar in sinchon. pretty right!




drink one of my tkd friends made called 고진감래/go jin gam rae…one shot cola at the bottom, one shot soju sitting on top of it, whole glass filled up with beer….i was too scared to try that on the night hahaha….





a smoked duck bbq place in wangshimni…really good! just so happens the photo is of the sausages that we ordered after instead haha…





couldnt resist ISNT HE SO CUTE??? the garfield in hongdae sitting with his head in his hands…guessing cuz of the heat. poor thing but he looks sooo cute!!




illionaire ticket!




lining up to go in…




right in front:)




dj wegun on the decks!




all i wanna do is *click click* and a *bang bang* and take your money…







hey zino;)







the q:)





sup dok2!





red bean + chestnut? obanyaki…붕어빵! 냠냠…ㅋㅋ





lucky kiddies, get to spend time sitting on a huge plushie bunnie thing…



times square….





-beckii xo



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