so, bagels are so good. but SO evil. …damn youuuu bagel for being so deceptive! *shakes fist at bagel*


went this morning to Manchester Press to catch up with miss diana, who i have not seen for 4 months!? due to my overseas escapades. iv always heard of this place but never knew where it was, nor that it specialised in bagels!


Manchester Press on Urbanspoon


nearly everything on the menu was a bagel variation of some sort – i ordered the fruit and nut bagel with berry marscapone, fresh strawberries and pistachio dust, while di chose the more regular smoked salmon and cream cheese on a wholemeal bagel. i think we both agreed it was super goood! mine arrived with a MOUNTAIN of marscapone…♥ i usually try to NOT eat bagels due to how deceptively unhealthy they are…but…okay i have no excuse .___.


the layout of the cafe was super chill, and like most good places in melbourne, is hidden away in a small alley – friendly and helpful staff was a bonus, especially the waiter who insisted i should try the single origin sans milk [i.e in a long black] – of course i had to try it…in my regular cappuccino. he was probably right about the Ethiopian blend tasting kind of weird with milk…but oh well=P


pretty tired from work [crazy how my first day back in 4 months has completely drained me this weekend] and i dont have much to say, so just enjoy the food pictures:)





melbourne being…dead on a sunday morning…-__-




Brother Baba Budan cafe, which iv heard a lot about recently as the layout of chairs on the ceiling is similar to Coffee Lab in korea….





here we are!




weekend menu. bagels galore!







me pretending to be artistic=P





necklace i got di as a suuuuuper early bday present in korea!






MINE! ugh so good but so bad…




di’s bfast:)




and…outfit post which hasnt been done in months rofl.





outfit details:  grey knit top from random shop | pink blazer from Glebe market in Sydney | Cotton On jeans | Zu suede black boots | Forever 21 gold bracelet | necklace from ‘Made Her Think’ sample sale in New York




[i am most likely asleep at this point in time…not sure if my eyes are open rofl] 

outfit details: Forever 21 green knit beanie [i know it looks yellow in the photo…] | nerdicles from Look Optical in korea | Sportsgirl ‘Kaz’ combat jacket | American Apparel tri-blend grey vneck tee | galaxy mini from Far East Plaza in singapore | random tights | ASOS black flats | 8seconds hot pink cambridge satchel imitation from korea




spike ring from Kosney in korea, random silver ring from hong kong, Tiffany & Co midnight titanium ring


that is all:)



-beckii xo

  1. notsandcrosse says:

    looking good girls 😉

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