so, finally got around to this – said i would do a brief write up on the Mario Badescu products i purchased from america, so here it is combined with my Banila Co. purchases from korea!



Mario Badescu is a NY-based skincare brand which i discovered in kit cosmetics a few years ago, and was pretty curious as to the effectivity of the products…me being a teenager with sensitive/bad skin…

the brand [as i found out…2 seconds ago] was founded by a Romanian skin specialist [blurb from the brand website: ‘Mario Badescu was a Romanian-born skin care specialist with a bold vision. Being both a chemist and a cosmetologist, Mario had a very unique perspective about skin care, appreciating both the chemical nature and complexities of the skin, as well as the desire and innate satisfaction and confidence that healthy, clean, radiant skin can give a person.‘]


Mario Badescu’s products are more known for their acne skincare system [or at least, thats what i knew them for] but only this year did i realise they also have other ranges of skincare which focus on other dermatological issues such as: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, ageing skin, etc…i had a EXTREMELY bad stress-related eczema attack around both my eyes/cheeks back in april/may [it peaked around that period, but i was probably having minor eczema irritations around my eyes since the latter months of 2011 up til that point as well] – so irritated that the skin around my eyes was raised/red/inflamed/super sore; even my own tears/sweat would sting my skin…

..iv had similar problems as a teenager with eczema around the mouth [now THAT was another horrible experience…especially as it was during the i-am-an-awkward-geeky-kid-with-braces-glasses-and-bad-clothing phase], but having never had it around the eyes before, and never that bad [nor painful – covering it up with makeup for work just gave me an even harder day at work due to the pain], so i was DESPERATE to find something that would soothe my skin, as i wasnt too keen on steroid use, knowing the side effects [thats the optometrist in me i guess haha].


anyway! back to the products. my skin eventually resolved itself over the past 4 months in america and korea [thank God!!] but the few products i purchased from Mario Badescu definitely helped, and i will be utilising them again if my skin decides to punish me once again now that im back home. The two i got which were supposed to aid eczema/rosacea were good for soothing and reducing the redness in my skin…and the acne creams definitely helped as well! more detail will be written underneath the photos…


so, im sad its so much more expensive to buy Mario Badescu here than in the states. why is australia sooo expensive!? its at least half the price….





Hyaluronic Eye Cream: very pleased with this one, you only need a tiiiiny amount for both eyes, super moisturising  and soothing [even for my skin]





Drying Cream: this one is for acne; usually dab a small amount over a pimple thats already hit the surface of your skin [or is about to become..pus-filled haha ew].  it is true to the name so dont use too much or it dries out your skin too much! but a small dab, usually the pimple id use it on would decrease a lot in a few days max. i even had one on my kneecap [i dont know how] and in 2 days the pus completely disappeared:)





Control Cream: used to soothe inflamed skin from rosacea/eczema etc…again it def helped the irritation/redness during my eczema flareup, but of course i dont think this would be a solution 100% on its own. just an aid:) it says you can use it as a moisturising cream too, but the consistency is a bit too thick to spread over the entire you can, but its not that easy haha.





Healing Cream: weird yellow colour haha…you’re supposed to dab this on acne-damaged skin/inflamed skin before moisturiser to help the skin to heal from the pimples etc. i cant say my skin healed ONLY because of this because i use other things as well…but it most likely helped for the post-pimple area….given i didnt wreck that area of skin by picking it or something:/





Azulene Calming Mask: okay so i only used this once. and it was recently so my skin hasnt been too naughty – but it did feel soothing? id have to try it when/if my skin gets red and inflamed again and see if it helps…although id really rather that not happen ROFL.





Banila Co. is now probably one of my favourite korean makeup/skincare brands that iv tried during my few trips to korea – its probably mid range/middle tier in terms of  skincare brands, so the products are slightly more expensive than say, The Face Shop/Etude House/Missha etc, but i totally think they are worth it;)

if you can read korean their website is HERE – cant say id be able to navigate completely without trouble myself though hahahahaha.

i used to mainly try their BB creams mainly [see my post on banila co. BB creams and other brands HERE] but thought why not! on my last visit and bought…a lot 0___O HAHA. some of the makeup i was a bit MEH about as you will see below, but overall most of the products i was happy with. bb creams, primer and finishing products especially!!

i have a feeling banila co may possibly? focus on base products mainly [bb cream/primer etc] because they are all great, but i still found the eyeliners etc a bit average 0__O anyway, enjoy! plus some other random korean skincare pickups;)




Let Me Finish: Make up Fixer: so i am pretty happy with this one i think, although iv only used it twice so far – the consistency is actually pretty gel-like, not the liquid spray i was expecting! you’re supposed to spritz it onto your face after finishing your makeup, then gently patting the rest in [because of the gel consistency, again] – pretty good, it smells/feels good HAHA and my makeup hasnt slid…that i can tell anyway, because i usually only have trouble with the eye makeup anyway:)




Prime Primer: Hydrating: this is supposedly best? selling primer in Korea, or at least has won awards for it – would say its as good as it boasts to be! this comes in Classic, Hydrating, Classic Matte, Hydrating Shimmer, Natural  – the lady told me to try hydrating as i get dry patches – SUPER LIKE this one, my skin felt so good as soon as i put it on! and you can use less BB cream on top because its so easy to spread. awesomeness. i would definitely buy this again.




Surprise Wonder Tint: Fussy Lemon – me and my housemate saw these one day and thought they were sooo cool! pretty much comes in yellow, purple, black and pink sticks, but when you apply then they turn into a light shimmery tint shade. this one is kind of a peachy pink when you use it. bought it for kicks;)




The Black 17 Sleeping Pack: very popular buy, this apparently has 17 different ingredients which add nourishment and moisture to tired/stressed out skin, increase skin elasticity and softness etc. used this when i was in korea and now back home, definitely like it! dont need a lot of it, and dont need to wash off…it absorbs itself nicely into your skin soon after application:) nice smooth skin after:)




Clean It Zero: another popular product, the pink one [on top] is for regular makeup, the green one is for waterproof makeup – works well, smells great and is a light gel which you rub into your skin and it kind of liquifies, which you then rinse off – havent tested it too much on eye makeup, so i dont know how well it would remove stubborn products. but i like i!




Prime Primer: Finish Powder: LOVE this!! i admit i havent yet tried it extensively but the banila co girl tried it on me when i bought – she drew a line of pencil eyeliner on her hand, smudged one end of it [maybe to show how soft the pencil was], brushed the powder over it, then used my finger to rub the eyeliner line hard – NOTHING moved, not even the non-smudged end. so awesome!! 




Deep The Eyes: Sparkle Eyeliner in gold: rofl love the engrish on this. got coerced to buy this after the banila lady tried this on me and..i like gold things. and sparkly things .___. pretty colour, smudges easily though…but itd look good as a highlight colour on your eyes:)




Slick Expression Eyeliner: Deep Black: not very impressed with this one, but iv started to really like liquid pen eyeliners after purchasing a japanese one from hong kong [see HERE, its awesome! doesnt budge generally] but to repurchase that one…is damn expensive in korea -__- about 18,000won/16 bucks?! ugh. anyway this banila one applies nicely…but then it smears upwards on my eyelids after, which is annoying. even if i use primer…-__- anyway il use it but i dont think il be repurchasing this one.








Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea Facial Cleansing Cloth: handy, self-lathering cleaning cloth. one use only, so i think this may get kind of expensive, even in korea [cost me about 1000won for a sheet…so whats that…80-90 cents? something like that]. lathered easily, pretty nice! but good mainly if you’re in a hurry to clean ze face.




Holika Holika HD Skinny Primer Base: nothing special, cream-based primer…i dont have much to say about this roofl. staying power is okay, its not thaaat easy to spread but its okay:)





Missha Super Aqua Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask: recommended this one by a friend – havent used it much but iv liked it when i have, cant tell if it has made a big difference to my skin yet though! reaaallly light mousse-like consistency with moisture beads in it [feels like im putting whipped cream on my face or something haha] – popular in korea though, always sold out in missha esp. at sale time!!




Missha Black Ghassoul Peel-Off Nose Mask: this ones fun, its just like an instant nose strip. cept black. roofl. not bad on blackheads etc, and its fun to apply:)




Etude House Styling eyeliner in White: thought id try out white eyeliner again; this one is pretty fail – doesnt apply very well to the waterline at all, the consistency is pretty hard – so i havent bothered to use it much.




Nature Republic Fresh Re-modelling Body Mousse: another product i bought because i was amused when i found it with my housemate – its meant to be a cooling mousse  for body shaping or something, but when you apply it to your skin and rub the mousse in, it makes this really loud crackling? sizzling kind of sound as you rub it, before the cooling feeling sets in. so, would be great in hottt weather! haha. not really useful yet while its still cold.



aight thats about it. hope this was helpful!



-beckii xo


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