brunch adventures – green eggs and ham

Sam I am, Sam I am did not like green eggs and ham. but he probably would have loved green eggs and smoked salmon from Degraves Espresso Bar. yup you heard read me right.. green eggs is not a fiction of dr seuss’ imagination, down on Degraves St, it is a very real (and delectable) brunch choice.

this time round, our brunch adventures takes us to a city where brunch takes on a whole new meaning and taste – Melbourne.

Melbourne – the natural habitat of the mysteriously artsy fartsy creatures, also known as Melbournians, who over centuries have evolved and acquired highly sophisticated and sensitive tastebuds and palates due to the incredible coffee and food scene available everywhere in the city. therefore on my trip back to melbourne, i took my brunch adventuring to down under.

first stop was degraves st. but one of the tiny alleyways amongst the matrix of Melbourne’s CBD, which houses an assortment of hole-in-the-wall type cafes which serve mouth-wateringly good brunch and ridiculously smooth coffee. i had been persuaded by one of my friends to go for Degraves Espresso Bar to try their apparently amazing mythological green eggs.  to be honest, i was not particularly excited by the thought of green eggs.  if sam i am didnt like it.. i doubted i would either.


but i figured since tastebuds dont have eyes.. i might has well be adventurous on this one and it was oh so true – my tastebuds were blind to the seemingly unappetising green mass of mysterious matter but rejoiced at the bite of an explosion of delicious flavours.


think scrambled eggs but replace the cream and milk with creamy fetta cheese and an assortment of aromatic and fragrant green herbs (hence the green colour) and onions so what you get is a deliciously creamy and tasty combination of flavours in the perfect texture of slightly over-cooked scrambled eggs (which i personally love) and when you dollop that on top of smoked salmon and sourdough bread.. you basically get heaven on earth.  And so just like Dr. Seuss’ Sam i am.. i found that i did in fact enjoy green eggs and ham  and salmon.


but for those whose brains are so highly developed that their tastebuds are in fact connected to some sort of optic nerve and aesthetics does play a big role in their enjoyment of food, there are a lot more ordinary and still tasty options to go for.  the other highly recommended dish at Degraves Espresso is baked eggs – this time imagine eggs baked to perfection (almost like over done poached eggs) in thick tomato sauce loaded with olives, spanish sausages and other delectable goodies hidden in your rich tomatoy sauce.  load all of that onto your freshly baked sourdough bread and into your mouth and life probably just got a heck of a lot better for you 😉


as far as coffee goes i don’t think you can ever go wrong in melbourne and Degraves Espresso’s is no different – the perfect combination of milk frothed to creamy and smooth perfection and the full bodied aromatic coffee fragrance.  and it was good enough for me to have 2 cups of my soy flat white in 1 morning which i don’t normally do.

Photobucket my usual soy flat white

Photobucket my mate’s cappuccino

atmosphere-wise, degraves embodies melbourne to a perfection – old school almost london-esque cafe furnished with borderline vintage tables and chairs, tucked away so perfectly in a corner of one of melbourne’s maze of streets, you barely realise you’re smack bang in the middle of CBD.


Ever-friendly and easy-going indie waiters serving your tables tops off the cosy and comfortable ambience which is great for the odd brunch catch up with old friends.  it’s a chill enough atmosphere to not drive you insane when only half awake  in the morning and yet at the same time, there’s enough buzz generated in the cafe by the wait staff and crowd to keep you awake and encourage you to roll out of the door after you’ve stuffed yourself silly with eggs and coffee.

I would definitely rate it a must-try place whether it’s to be adventurous and to take up Sam I Am’s challenge or to just chill with good friends over good food with a good chat.. and with it’s very convenient location for those who study/work in the CBD it’s definitely not out of the way or hidden away in some far off whoop whoop land.

but of course no wtyt post is ever complete until the outfit of the day pictures are added so: here’s a small preview of my winter fashion

i realised on my trip back to melbourne this time I had either become very unaccustomed to cold due to singapore’s hot and humid climate or melbourne’s winter had gotten a lot colder.. or it could just be the both.  either way i realised that i ended up dressing like a bit of a hobo most of the time but i figured this time i’d go for something a bit snazzy so people stopped mistaking me for a walking yarn of clothes.


outfit deets: blue cotton-on asymmetric tee AUD $10 | local singaporean label fourskins grey studded hoodie S$25 | gasp denim jacket AUD $50 | black mango skinny jeans | wittners cow boy boots AUD $50 | cotton-on gold triangular necklace AUD $2 | thick grey scarf from beijing

i love mixing layering and mixing different textures and pattners together so this time i decided to go for a bit of edgy style pairing denim with cotton and studs – and to be honest i quite liked the effect – here’s a close up


6 Responses to “brunch adventures – green eggs and ham”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    i have the same asymmetric cotton on tee!:)

  2. i just started loving degraves espresso myself!!! 🙂 love your outfit as usual!!! we haven’t talked in ages. xoxoxo

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