quick post – decided to check out Brother Baba Budan with diana yesterday, and finally see the similarity to Coffee Lab in seoul! [numerous people told me about this place once i posted the picture in coffee lab; i had no idea this place existed before then]…



Brother Baba Budan on Urbanspoon

…anyway! pretty chill little place, i loved the layout, has more of an organic/indie feel than coffee lab. the single origin of the day was some costa rica blend; veryyyy mild taste in our cappucchinos, but it was still nice:)



chairs on the ceiling…hello di:D



our cappucchinos.




THAT IS ALL. took some random photos of GPO wandering around when i was waiting for di, and then some quick outfit snaps. my right ankle is STILL sprained; hence the brace…nd still got a haematoma going on on my other calf…if you were wondering. loved diana’s chilled out outfit…everyone should rock the pyjama pants look!


…unless theyr actually brightly coloured flannel with cartoon animals on them [as i saw in the city last weekend], that might not work so well. especiallywith ugg boots. dot dot dot…



random. i thought the vines up the wall looked cool but i couldnt get in.


wrong white balance made this look really violet…


GPO. so pretty!


nice karen millen paper art display.







loved the necklace!


di’s outfit details: Cotton On grey cardigan | Bardot white asymmetric top | Cotton On Body printed pants | Betts red flats | H&M gold necklace and rose gold hair tie







i am blurry. but thats ok…just showing how riculously long the tshirt is at the back…



outfit details: Cotton On asymmetric cream tshirt [inez has the same one in blue, see previous post HERE] | H&M black skirt with sheer overlay | leopard smoking slippers from singapore | H&M black leather zipper bag | Disney Couture ‘faith’ necklace | spiked diamante necklace i picked up in korea from the same place i bought diana her necklace [see HERE :)]





and finally CLOUDS! the weather has warmed up so suddenly…melbourne you are so weird=/







– beckii xo

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