outfitted for winter

for fashionistas, winter is either a time of heaven or hell – either they embrace the array of various layer techniques or they end up looking like a walking knitted michelin man which is not a pretty look.

personally, i’ve always loved layering, i remember in high school my friends used to count the number of hoodies i had on at one go.  I think my highest record was 3 hoodies excluding all the other inner layers i used to wear underneath the hoodies.  During that time i was probably known as the asian girl who resembled an eskimo down on flinders street station.

But now it’s always a fun challenge to mix and match different textures, colours and patterns to put together some sort of snazzy outfit.

so just for kicks i thought i’d put together a few of my own winter outfits from when i was back in Melbourne in August when winter is usually at its worst.

1. Checked Out

checks are actually one of winter/spring’s necessities – one red checked flannel shirt can bring you a long way.  paired with denims with some booties could tie you through those lazy winter mornings at uni or you could jazz it up by layering sweaters or a denim vest over it.


outfit deets: red checked shirt from free fusion AUD$12 | black off shoulder knitted sweater from Tokyo, Japan | acid wash denim jeans from free fusion AUD $14 | lace up brown boots from styletread.com

for this outfit I chose the simplest match possible – denims with red checks with a black sweater thrown over – best for those days when you get dressed half asleep and just dont have the wakefulness for a creative outfit.


outfit deets: black gasp long sleeved tee AUD$10 | red checked hoodie forever 21 AUD$5 (super sale!) | black knit hoodie cottonon AUD$20 | red infinity scarf from rfam&co. blogshop | acid wash denims from free fusion AUD$20 | camel ankle military boots from target AUD $19

another black and red matching. this time i left the shirt unbuttoned and threw a black knit hoodie over my checks – giving a more street look as opposed to the country cowboy style.

2. Testing textures

studs, lace, velvet, denim.. it’s interesting how different textures can add different feels to an outfit.  the best time to experiment with clashing/complementing textures is during winter.. because at least you can layer them up without sweating up a storm.

I wore this outfit to degraves espresso for a brunch catch up with a friend and the layers managed to keep me snug from the winter cold and yet i could strip off the layers to keep cool when in the cafe.  you can check out our review of Degraves Espresso in the post: brunch adventures – green eggs and ham.

for this outfit i tried pairing studs with denims and to be honest i really liked the effect – a street and edgy vibe without going into overkill and looking like a gothic princess.


outfit deets: blue cotton-on asymmetric tee AUD $10 | local singaporean label fourskins grey studded hoodie S$25 | gasp denim jacket AUD $50 | black mango skinny jeans | wittner cow boy boots AUD $50 | cotton-on gold triangular necklace AUD $2 | thick grey scarf from beijing


close up of the textures.

3. inVESTing

Vests – I absolutely LOVE vests, they’re such a great way to jazz up casual outfits and they suit any season – winter, summer, spring or autumn!  grab a vest with statement print or textures and you can pair with just about any other basic top or bottom or even dress you have.


outfit deets: black gasp long sleeved tee AUD$10 | dusty pink vest from cotton on AUD $10 | thick grey scarf from beijing | red fingerless gloves from rfam&co. blogshop | acid wash denim jeans from free fusion AUD $14 | wittners cow boy boots AUD $50

4. Winter Travels

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to compromise when travelling – comfort VS style especially when travelling from one season to another.  but really there’s no need to compromise either when you bring the two together in perfect harmony.

comfort is always very important during travel especially when going for long haul flights – experts usually recommend loose and non-constrictive clothing so as to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

tights are my personal must-have clothing on flights for warmth and easy movement.  so if you are travelling to somewhere with weather conditions somewhat resembling the Arctic you can always throw an extra of jeans into your hand carry luggage to pull over your tights once you arrive at your destination.

it’s also advisable to not wear revealing or low cut tops during a flight as there is always a high chance you will accidentally flash for the world to see when twisting and turning in highly uncomfortable airplane seats.

and for those with small asian eyes like me – geek glasses are always the best tool for hiding puffy swollen eyes after overnight flights – i always have a pair hidden somewhere in my hand luggage to whip out when i dont have time to freshen up after an overnight flight.


outfit deets: cotton on black tights AUD $10 | long tee from Hong Kong SGD $15 | denim trenchcoat from Hong Kong | tortoiseshell round framed geek glasses from bugis street market SGD $2.50

so girlies chase your winter blues away and welcome a new season of spring by matching and clashing different colours, textures and patterns to put together the perfect OTTD.  share your fav outfit with us by dropping a comment below 🙂

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