…so my title totally doesnt make any sense but it got your attention…right? haha.

caught up today with my dear friend xtine at a new cafe opened by one of her family friends in Doncaster, MC Square Cafe – the location of the cafe within the Manningham Council community centre was a surprise for both of us; neither having been to this place. i was half expecting this cafe to be in a secluded location perhaps roadside, but it was a nice surprise nevertheless, paired with the beautiful weather [for once – melbourne’s weather is so freakin bipolar]!

the MC community square is a very new addition to the Doncaster area, as i believe – although i cant say i remember if iv seen it before or not….then again, i have been out of the country for 3 months 0___O hehe.




view from the parking lot haha…




love how ‘open’ the outside is!







such nice weather too….



food and coffee were not bad – bircher muesli for me [i was SO tempted to go with pancakes…then decided the muesli was…relatively….less fatty haha] + a thai beef salad and grilled eggplant sandwich for xtine. i love how food looks so good on DSLRs;)






random snaps…fail at being creative today with the shots…




eggplant sandwichhh….




bircher muesli:)




thai beef salad:)

the convenient location of MC Square Cafe [plus the lovely weather] makes chilling here pretty nice! definitely recommend:)


click HERE to go to their website, and to see their extensive menu:)



and what i wore today [via my instagram: beckiiness] …really need to clean that mirror=/



outfit details: 8seconds scarf print bomber jacket from korea | Zara black vneck jumper | Cotton On striped tank | Uniqlo black jeggings | Forever21 green beanie | nerdicles from korea




– beckii xo

One Response to “ITS HIP TO EAT SQUARE. WAIT…”
  1. Andy Loke says:

    Been to MC square around about 3 times now, and I can say with a great sense of surety that this is by far the cafe with the worse customer service I have ever seen. Management are so rude and food & coffee is terrible. Only reason that place would get any customers is because there is nothing else around there.

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