so i think we were all a bit surprised how many hits my previous post on the singapore shop Lacquar was [see HERE] all of a sudden; im not entirely sure why given i posted about it last year! but congratulations to them if its a recent boost in interest:)

given that, i thought i would take the time to post my picks for the current month’s new stock:)


Lacquar is located in Far East Plaza [in singapore! you’re not going to find this in melbourne unfortunately haha] shop number #04-119B, or – oh look, they have a new shop location! haha – at Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #03-02-04. check out their facebook page HERE! all photos on this post courtesy of Lacquar.



so, as you may or may not know, i am pretty big on funky patterns and animal print – i tend to pair printed items with basic neutral toned wear, so that the printed item becomes the focus…saying that, i like these two clutches! pretty good size to fit all the essentials for a night out.



Leather Snake Stamped Clutch (9098)
*Both Stores*

this would work with a black pants suit and snake printed pumps – if i had to go to a formal event! relaxed id pair this with a slouchy tee + black maxi, accentuate with gold accessories.





Pony Hair Clutch (9099)
*Both Store*

mmm zebra print. id either use this as an edgy pop with a black/white cocktail dress, or dress down with a monochrome tribal print tee + black jeans. this would pop well against a brightly [one block colour] coloured dress as well.




KR Ring (8722)
Silver / Black
*Both Store*

everyone knows i love studs + spikes! [see HERE for my diamante spiked necklace;)] so i would rock this with almost anything. just be careful where you be waving them hands 0__O




KR Skull Bracelet (8717)
*Both Store*

skulls are pretty in right now [especially in singapore! i saw them everywhere when i was browsing in september] thanks to most likely Alexander McQueen‘s influence – so i like the simplicity of this bracelet with the skull head. i always wear this type of drawstring bracelet around my right wrist [as in, i have one which i have not taken off for years] so im always searching for a replacement when mine finally breaks after what….7 years haha. easy to take on, easy to take off and adds to your outfit;)




KR EF Dress (1814)
Beige / Blue
Free Size
*@ Bugis+*

shirt dresses like these ones in neutral colours are really good for work or play – the collar dresses up, so with a blazer, heels and a solid coloured belt [black/brown] you’d be good to go for daytime; but at the same time the relaxed fit would allow for dressing down on weekends with a slouchy cardigan and flats [id go for spiked smoking slippers. why not?;)]…not to mention its so easy to throw on and off hahahaha.





KR HPL Mix.Fab.Knit Top (1824)
Camel / Grey / Black
Free Size
*Both Store*

ok i LOVE this! i already love massive slouchy sweaters, so this plus the ‘surprise’ in the back – sheer! you could play it off bag lady style in a maxi[dress or skirt] and load up on statement rings and a studded bag, or [given singapore is never actually cold enough to wear a jumper properly in] peekaboo style with a black bra, jeans and sky high pumps [if you’re going to do that, less is more so dont show too much skin in other areas].




KR UPM Vest (1808)
Free Size
*@ Bugis+*

vests are a pretty easy addition [see inez’s love for vests HERE] to outfits; i like how this one has a ruffle on one side to soften the masculine feel of the vest – could wear this in so many ways. wide legged palazzo pants [id be thinking black..] are good with a sleeveless block coloured top underneath – you definitely need high heels for this look to lengthen your legs and not make you look engulfed/stumpy from the long pants and a envelope clutch to balance out; or id think maybe even thrown over a neutral tee [grey/cream/white] with a sparkly sequinned mini and ankle boots:)





KR EF Trench Coat (1826)
Free Size
*@ Bugis+*

this one is probably not toooo much my style; but i like the contrast in colours and textures in this piece haha – very pretty! given its such a statement piece, i wouldnt detract the attention away from it and pair it with skinny jeans, a plain tee but a chunky necklace under it.




KR HPL Dress (1822)
Green / Blue / Black
Free Size
*Both Store*

these dresses are very clever – im not sure about the cut of this one or how it would look on, but if it was made well, the contrast in colours and contour of the darker side colours is VERY slimming! let the dress speak for itself; black tights and boots or omit the tights and try wedge booties, chunky bracelets and statement earrings for a night out:)




KR AO Print Tee (1773)
Free Size
*@ Bugis+*

 love this, love this – so simple but i love the military/camoflage look – definitely a popular look at the moment too! this would work tucked into a black [leather? maybe] mini with ankle boots and perhaps a khaki military vest over the top, let loose with jeans, flats/boots and a cropped leather jacket, or if you’re like me, add your favourite pair of kicks [being sneakers…i dont know why people call heels kicks. its SNEAKERS -___-] with hoop earrings and either jeans [slouchier tee] or baggier sweatpants [tighter fit for the tee]. im a sucker for nike dunks;) if you think you cant pull off the sneaker look; try wedge sneakers! casual look but with a bit of a lift to lengthen your legs:)


KR UPM Asy. Mixed Fab. Skirt (1807)
S / M

this one is really interesting! not sure myself if id be able to pull it off, but i like how different it is – flat ankle boots and an asymmetrical tee. or, you could try a studded cropped denim vest over a sleeveless/regular tee, and high heeled ankle boots. OR, try with a slouchy tee, and chucks [converse chuck taylors] for a really laid back look.



thats it from me. how would you wear the pieces above? what do you think of Lacquar? let us know below, or if you like them, head to their facebook page!:)




– beckii xo


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