herro! so the concept of this was pretty interesting….


last week my friend told me about a bboy battle to be held live in fed square between melbourne, perth and seoul via satellite last sunday – an experimental event actually set up by a research group at Melbourne University, to gauge “user experience and screen connectivity in culturally and geographically distinct public urban environments. “ and about ” using public space media to instigate social interactions between strangers located in different cities.”

this meant  that each crew viewed their competition via big screens in their home ground – kind of like a massive skype cypher almost, ahahaha!

i headed down with a few friends to check it  – didnt expect Delinkwentz to be there, so shoutouts to them! 🙂 they were first up to battle against seoul – Next Level crew….


…i didnt know what to expect from this event [given i didnt even know who was partaking in it] but i expected a lot more, especially from the korean side as i KNOW they have verrrry talented hiphop dancers and breakdancing crews…

the entire competition consisted of that one crew ONLY against both melbourne and perth crews – simply 2 dancers for each breaking/popping/krumping battle rotating [at first i thought they were a 2-man crew only…then i realised it was just because all the korean guys looked very similar ROFL]. not only that, the dancing was quite mediocre at best [i probably liked the krumpers the best from the seoul side], so i wonder how much publicity/enthusiasm they actually received for this event in korea; as it didnt look like much!

perth’s dance crews all looked extremely young – although out of all of them, their krumping crew was actually not too bad….relatively, haha.

so a bit of a disappointment for me! in terms of the quality of the performances; melbourne crews definitely were the most entertaining out of the lot [and by that i mean the breakdancing – wasnt a fan of the melbourne krumpers or poppers]. but as the concept and ideas behind this is pretty cool, i hope they do this again! but manage to get more crews involved in all countries.




Korean MC broadcasting from seoul onscreen; melbourne crews watching/listening below..




bgirl demi MCing;  rockin the shaved look…i see you prince vince=P










really nice weather on this day! so a lot of people out….enjoy the top of diana’s head hahahaha.





popping crew….meh…




korean krumper onscreen….people mucking around onstage below…





rhythm faction battling against perth:)



do you think this is a useful form of ‘social connectivity’?:)



and on a [slightly related] sidenote; here are some examples of what korea could have done:

Jinjo Crew [Korea] vs Massive Monkees [America/Seattle] at this years R16 in Seoul [2012]


Korean Assassins at R16 qualifiers this year [2012]


Bboy Pocket from Morning of Owl crew [i like power moves haha]


…yeah so im just trolling=P



– beckii xo


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