ever since i experimented with sugar skull makeup back in april [see my Jay Park inspired post HERE], me and the evil twin have been waiting for an excuse  to go out together into the public scaring people – so of course, this opportunity came in the form of one of my friend’s halloween birthday parties.

due to being busy with other stuff of late, i didnt have time/inspiration to think of a halloween idea this year, so the sugar skull idea fit the bill…and i just wanted to do it again anyway haha.


we were a bit disorganised in the outfit choice [the original idea was to go classy in blazers/corporate…but we realised we didnt organise anything coordinating for that]; so paired with me taking too long to paint bex’s face it was allllll a bit rushed! [we looked at the time halfway through me colouring in her face nd were like…ARGH!]  but i think it was still somewhaaat effective in the end;)

safe to say noone recognised me at the party and i had to reintroduce myself to everyone….as well as recieving a few funny looks at two girls with skulls painted on their faces cruising around in a car trying to find parking….ahahahaha=P

what are you going to dress up as this halloween?





my weapons of destruction…haha




in the midst of makeup chaos…




i bought this white face paint from a costume store but apparently it stiffened bex’s face! so i had to resort to mixing in some BB cream with the face paint to make it go on smoother – as a result of me forgetting to do an extra layer of white paint on my own face, bex’s face is actually whiter…looked better than mine!




grey contact lens trials [the perks of being an optometrist] – as these have no power, bex could wear them but i only wore one, and a regular contact lens in my dominant eye….saying that, it was still pretty crazy trying to walk around only being able to see out of one eye!




B1 waiting for B2 to finish her makeup.




looking at the laptop screen in the corner you can guess who i used for makeup reference again hahahah…




before we headed out….




after we got back i had to drive home…and of course being one-eyed wasnt ideal so i had to put on my glasses….hahahahaha nerdy skull=P





– beckii x


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