brunch adventures – chez dre

i have no idea what chez dre means in french (or if it’s even french) and no we weren’t rich or lavish enough to take our brunch adventuring down to france (i can only wish) chez dre is the new darling of melbourne’s food culture.  bursting into the scene only in early 2011, the cafe has drawn raving reviews from all who have gone and eaten from their golden ovens.

true to it’s posh sounding name, chez dre is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s CBD in South Melbourne a luxurious and slightly upper class suburb located in the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD. as all good melbourne foodie places are, chez dre’s entrance is hidden in a quaint little alley, easily missed by the unobservant.  welcomed by grey cobblestones you almost feel like you’re stepping into victorian europe a time when women ate with their little fingers flicked up in the air. 


upon entering the cafe, you are embraced by a casual and cosy atmosphere, nothing like the posher-than-thee restaurant ambience one might expect from such a highly rated eatery.  in fact, it is anything but.  the cafe takes on a european feel with an open kitchen on one side, with long wooden tables splayed out towards the back almost resembling a cafeteria and on the other side resembles a high class bakery with tantalising desserts out tempting customers in its clear glass display beside the coffee machine responsible for inviting coffee aroma floating in the cafe and with the courtyard of the cafe transformed into a refreshing outdoor alfresco eating area, you really feel like you’ve stepped into some cafe somewhere in the middle of europe. (sorry i should have taken more photos on the decor of the place but i think i was too focused on the food)


my friend and i arrived at the cafe just before lunchtime at about 10:30 am – 11 am and the cafe was just bordering on full.  we managed to secure ourselves seats overlooking the courtyard.  being ridiculously greedy, i ordered a  grand petite dejeuner which in french literally means the big small lunch.  the grand petite dejeuner (approx $20) is basically a big breakfast with added ingredients for a lunch twist – bacon, poached eggs, sourdough bread, chez dre’s own homemade lamb sausages and to add as a finishing touch to fulfil the lunch aspect of the meal, sauteed mushrooms and pan fried potatos were added with a dollop each of salsa and avocado.


the poached eggs were done to a perfection with the gooey yolk flowing out at the slights poke of a fork.  the bacon was panfried just the way i like it – crispy golden brown around the edges but still chewy in the middle.  i was slightly disappointed by the lamb sausages i expecting some sort of mind blowing experience but it lacked that little punch of flavour and tasted quite ordinary.


on the other hand, my favourite part of the dish were the potatos and salsa – perfectly seasoned with herbs and salt causing an explosion of flavours dancing across your tongue as you crunched into the potatos.  the salsa had just the perfect amount of kick in it’s rich tomato goodness with little cubes of capsicum for added texture.  the mushrooms were stewed in a flavourful sauce but by the time it reached us, they had turned cold which was slightly off-putting.


to be completely honest, after hearing all the wondrous reviews of how amazing chez dre is, my expectations had sky rocketed and were probably somewhat unrealistic.  so in all fairness, the meal we had at chez dre was definitely good but personally i felt it was lacking in being a mind blowing experience.  however, having said that, my friend had a bite of a pastry which was on the counter for the curious and greedy to try and she said that was melt-in-your-mouth amazing.  so it was also quite likely that we had chosen the wrong dish to have considering Chez Dre is actually a patisserie.

so it looks like my brunching crusade in melbourne is not complete yet.. chez dre round 2 anybody? 🙂


outfit deets: red infinity scarf from rfam&co. blogshop | black cottonon long sleeve tee | black floral chiffon skirt | black satin trenchcoat from dotti AUD$15 | camel tony bianco leather boots | vintage rayban aviators

3 Responses to “brunch adventures – chez dre”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    i went there for brunch once also, was pretty good!:) i thought it was ingenious to have all these cute lil pastry samples out for ppl to try:D

  2. Cindy says:

    The big brekkie looks amazinggg~!! having crazings for a good meal like that here 🙂

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