face it – it’s gotta be face shop

so it’s probably been a while since i last posted about a beauty fix.  lately all my posts have been a little too fixated with food with my brunch adventures – (see here for the latest brunch adventures pitstop at chez dre)

so like any other girl, when i see sale in cosmetic shops, i tend to go slightly crazy and buy everything i really don’t need – in this case it was about 10 billion masks.


personally in terms of skin care, i tend to steer towards korean products because I believe there’s a large difference in Asian and Western skin and therefore, Korean products would have properties better suited to asian skin and all korean brands have a HUGE variety of masks for different purposes. (i honestly never knew skin could have such a variety of problems until i had a look at all the masks available in korean cosmetic shops)


i remember a lot of hype around the yoghurt mask pack when it first came out but i never really gave it a try before.  so when the sale came on, i bought it at quite a reasonable price (i totally forget the price right now sorry).



the yoghurt pack range comes in 4 different fruit flavours – strawberry, grape, grapefruit and kiwi and each set of mask pack has 4 little separate tubs which is great for hygiene reasons so the product doesn’t spoil as easily or as fast as one huge bottle of it.



it is recommended that you leave the product in the fridge before application so you get a cool soothing feeling when it is smothered on.


so upon peeling open the little tub, the first thing which hit me was how the product really looked like strawberry yoghurt with little bits of seemingly strawberry seeds swimming in a barely-pink cream which resembled something of a thin yoghurt.  next to be hit would be your sense of smell which would take in the ridiculously realistic scent of strawberry smoothie.


Photobucketsorry about the bad lighting -_-”


the mask takes on a texture which is bordering on something between cream and liquid.  too thick to be considered a liquid gel but too thin to be called a cream.

i tend to apply the product over my face in thin layers.  the first 2~3 layers are usually absorbed into my skin quite quickly and easily but by the time i hit the 4th layer the cream tends to leave residue on my face.


Photobucketagain sorry for the bad lighting 😦


instructions listed on the product recommend leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, all the times I’d used mine, I’d left it on for about 10-15 minutes and my skin had no reaction to it at all – no tingling or biting or stinging.  in fact it really just feels like i’d come out of some sort of food fight and dunked my face in a strawberry smoothie – just feels very glossy and creamy.


washing it off was a bit more of a problem, that glossy feeling seems to stay even after washing your face multiple times so it almost feels like you haven’t washed the product off.  If you use a towel to wipe your face after washing it, that glossy texture is removed so I usually just dab dry with a tissue.

face shop has definitely been very generous quantity-wise – usually i smother my face, neck and hands with the mask and there would still be a little left over.  so it’s actually perfect for 2 to share – great for sleepovers since it’s such a girly and fun mask to use.


Photobucketbefore photo – looking slightly cross-eyed with the camera so close



after – feeling slightly drowsy after lying in bed with my mask on 😛


in terms of after effects, there’s no real visible difference as you can tell from the before and after photos.  i don’t really feel any particular difference either except for that thin glossy layer which is left on your skin which probably means it’s meant to be more of a moisturising and smoothing pack.


personally, i think this mask pack is a bit more of a fun thing for sleepovers and girls to gush over the fruity scents and cute little packages, don’t feel there are any real significant life or skin-changing benefits but i love taking this along on my travels because it’s very portable and great to share with my mum or friends and it’s moisturising and soothing properties are great for when your skin is dried out from the flight.


one slight disappointment or downside is that all 4 tubs of mask per set are of the same “flavour” – personally i think it would’ve been a lot more interesting and useful to have all 4 different scents per set so that you have the whole range of scents in one pack.  but probably one of those marketing schemes to get you to buy more from them.. *insert conspiracy theory here*


so definitely one for a fun girly night in with the besties or a great budget product to tend to your skin when travelling but not one of those MUST HAVE beauty indulgences.



and since sharing is caring we’ve decided to throw in a little special something for our readers out there: WIN your own little tub of this The Face Shop Strawberry Yoghurt Mask Pack to try it out for yourself :)!

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:)Entries will close 12 November 12 midnight Singapore time 
and winners will be announced on the 13 November!

Happy reading! 🙂

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