caught up with 2 friends at Coffeehead in camberwell yesterday; a new cafe/brunch place i had not heard of until i got back to australia recently!

Coffeehead on Urbanspoon


the decor to this place is a bit industrial [reminds me a bit of the ‘coffee snob’ location Four Barrels, which me and my friend found in San Francisco on our trip HERE] and as a bit of a coffee fiend i like how [like Four Barrels] they have a massive coffee grinding machine in the back of the cafe, as well as bags of coffee beans lining the walls.






pretty chill place, i like.


coffee here is not bad, as is the brunch food [which, i forgot to take photos of the first time i came here] – the single origin of the day was some indian blend, a bit bitter but it worked okay in my usual cappuchino:)





…i have made everyone into ‘hipsters’ by telling them to all get single origin blends hehehehehe.


i was also a bit amused at the art on the walls – controversial but i can appreciate the work put into it:) but cant say it wasnt kind of distracting for me to look up and see a pair of boobs everytime  i looked away from my friends….hahahahah=P




i dont even get it. why urinals? why the dominatrix theme…WUT. anyway, it did say it was controversial art….




banned boston art? lara’s laughing at me taking these photos…


also havent worn heels for over a mth thanks to my stupid sprained ankle but WHATEVER! and decided to wear my Isabel Marant imitations out. super comfy, and im loving the wedge sneaker trend….although i gotta say Ash shoes definitely already had wedge sneakers out before the rest of the world caught on. maybe il get [another] pair of Ash sneakers as well…hehe.




was playing with layering…hehe:)

funny how its November and its still cold enough to wear stuff like this -___- bipolar Melbourne….




outfit details: Zara knitted hooded vest | Country Rd charcoal cardigan | J Crew chambray shirt | silk screen longline tank/dress from korea [thought this was super cool~!! didnt know what i could pair it with though] | American Apparel matte-look leggings | Isabel Marant imitation wedge sneakers from korea | ring necklace [which i found after cleaning out a bit of my bathroom…ah the things i lose in a messy room]


also, inez is doing a small Face Shop giveaway HERE! please read on how to win your own lil tub of a sweet smelling facial mask:D:D


until next tiiimeeee:D



– beckii xo


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