i enjoy playing around with hair and makeup as you’ve probably gathered…so i decided to use my friend lara as guinea pig to try out this Miley Cyrus-inspired hair updo i saw on youtube; by a guy called Daven Mayeda. hes pretty fabulous;)


here’s his youtube tutorial [with a suuuper pretty half asian model! shes gorgeous!]:




and here’s my attempt [ignoring a few stray hairs which i couldnt figure out where to put]:



right side…




left side…





top view…random strand on left side ignore!!



did i succeed?


and heres a pic of my first time trying a fishtail braid [also on lara] a few weeks earlier….fun! definitely harder to do than a regular braid though in terms of holding the hair.

lara fishtail braid



also, dont forget to check out inez’s beauty giveaway HERE! one more week to go!


until next time:)



– beckii xo




2 Responses to “GOT [HER] HAIR DID”
  1. Shirley says:

    That’s so cool! great job!

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