newww shooooeeees!!!! giggedy giggedy….^_____^


disclaimer: this will be a FWP post. aka….First World Problem.


im a sucker for shoes – even though i dont wear heels all that often because im already pretty tall…my shoe wardrobe is exponentially expanding….uh oh 0__O

anyway! finally got my black suede Jeffrey Campbell Adelaide wedges, which are classic black wedge pumps with an ankle strap, found as an online exclusive on Urban Outfitters HERE.


how i got these…ends up to be some crazy story. iv been trying to curb my spending of late [i am quite proud of how much i managed to NOT buy during my 3 month stay in korea] but retail therapy [or is it addiction? haha] got me and i purchased these juuust before i flew off to korea.

now of course this meant that i had to guesstimate the size correctly given they’d arrive at my australia home during the time i was away….=/ reading reviews everyone said this ran small, and im usually an US8.5 [generally, my JC Litas and Foxys are a size US8] …so i sized up to a US9, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best…



fast forward 3 months later when i came home from korea…as expected, WAY TOO BIG! T__T soo upset, i was kind of glad when i emailed UO customer service and they allowed me to exchange even though it had been well past the ‘warranty’ stage. so, knowing this, i paid for incredibly expensive shipping [stupid me, and *shakes fist at expensive shipping to america*] ~$66AUD back to the states for an exchange for an US8.5.

weeks later, they emailed me confirmation the shoes arrived but when i emailed then asking when they would be shipping me my return…and they told me my order had been cancelled, and that no shoes were being shipped; and that if i wanted them i would have to reorder. of course, my first reaction was…. *BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPDFGFBVBDFB!!* hahaha…or something along those lines…especially as in my [half-awake] state at the time, i processed this as having to pay for MORE shipping.


fast forward a few more weeks and my girl lara came to the rescue, and encouraged me to call them – after about half an hour on internet phone to a UO employee who had no idea what was going on, nor why i was annoyed [lara reminded me later than shipping is free over $100 anyway from UO….DOH!], she managed to reorder a new pair of JCs for me. hooray! thankyou random customer service lady! (-_____-)o


anyway, im pretty happy with this pair of wedges as a new wardrobe staple – they’re comfortable albeit a liiiitle tight in the toe area! which i fixed no problem with my shoe stretcher, and now theyr pretty sweet. i also like how the strap is removable….so i would say…JC Adelaide wedges are more true to size, as the US9 was just way too long.

dont think they’re quite as worth it now i essentially paid another $66 bucks for them…but i think this is all the more a sign that its NO MORE SHOPPING!! for a long time for me. gotta work and save money!!


anyway, enjoy the shoe photos haha. /endrant.








– beckii xo


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One Response to “A WEDGE ABOVE THE REST.”
  1. Lara says:

    Free over $50 actually!

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