in the spotlight with Roseanne Tang

not too long ago we started up a feature category interviewing people we found inspiring in our community.

beckii got the ball-rolling by interviewing american hip hop dancer/choreographer daniel jerome aka steproc (check out the interview here)

this time round we’ve got someone slightly different to introduce to you: beauty blogger, entrepreneur, aspiring make-up artist and female empower-er – Roseanne Tang.

Hailing from the little red dot of Singapore where incidentally all of us WTYT girls come from, Roseanne has blossomed into one of the top beauty bloggers in Singapore, drawing fans across the globe, from Singapore to Melbourne to the US of A.

A young lady of only 21 years old Roseanne has accomplished more than most can boast about.  Having been featured in one of Singapore’s most widely read English newspaper, Straits Times and top beauty magazine, Cleo, along with over 5000 likes on facebook and now the impending debut launch of her accessory line Roseanne is well on her way to a unique and distinguished road of success.

When I first started looking at profiles to interview for our Spotlight edition, personally, it wasn’t Roseanne’s quick tips about beauty which drew me to invite her for an interview but more her unceasing passion towards empowering women in a new day and age where looks and beauty are the first form of judgement.  In a time where beauty and make-up has sometimes been deemed superficial, fake and vain, Roseanne takes a refreshing stance of using it to empower and inspire women across the world, “It’s simply a tribute to yourself.” as she puts it.  For me, Roseanne really takes the cake for someone who is inspiring and youthful in our everyday community.

So without further ado – may I present to you.. Roseanne Tang

Q: how would you describe yourself to someone who may not have watched your videos or read your beauty blog?
A: I probably would describe myself as someone who is down to earth, honest, friendly and easy-going. I’m really not up for a facade and enjoy very much being totally myself around everyone. 


Q: i noticed on your facebook page you have described yourself as someone who ” won’t stand for anything else but her dreams”.  What exactly are those dreams?

A: I believe in dreaming bigger than what you think you can realistically grasp, really through my relationship with God being a Christian. Therefore, if I were to just put away the thoughts of “I don’t know if I can” I would love to host my own TV show one day and have actual stores all over the world selling not only jewellery but perhaps my own make-up line and merchandise. Above all, I’d like to help hold women’s conferences on empowering women especially also taking in street kids and making them feel confident and powerful so that they can live their best life and foster entrepreneurs! That would be my ultimate dream. I also would like to make sure that I have time for myself and a have a family as well and of course a golden retriever. 

I think what really touched me when I was little was seeing Oprah’s wildest dream bus tour around the whole of the United States just coming in and changing people’s lives one by one. Just coming in and giving people a new house or a new car to people who really, really need it but would never have imagined one. I want to get there where I can do that for people. Only then, would I really be living out my dream. 

Q: do you feel your blog has helped achieve those dreams or brought you closer to achieving those dreams?  or how do you feel your beauty blog may aid your future career?
A: For sure, it’s been such a stepping stone for me to be able to reach this many people who want to hear what I have to say. They are so sweet as well and always write to me saying how my blog or channel has not only helped them through beauty but also their self-confidence. The YouTube channel and blog has given me so much experience with working with companies and has been important for my own self-growth as a person. It has opened so many doors for me, whether it’s appearing in the news or doing something for Mediacorp, to meeting so many wonderful people. 

Q: what inspired you to start up your beauty blog?
A: Really it was all just for fun. At that time, I was just about to finish High School and I was looking for something to do and with Prom coming, I started watching a lot of youtube videos on makeup. My first video was a makeup haul and that’s how it started. 

Q: what is the aim of your blog?  what do you wish your readers to get out of it?
A: The aim is to empower women through beauty and to provide the most informative but fun beauty reviews, hauls and tutorials.  

Q: what would you describe your fashion and makeup style as?
A: Really everyday, simple and not too wacky or over the top. Do-able and relatable. 

Q: are there any critical beauty steps you feel that girls nowadays are missing? (ie. primer or sunscreen..etc..) or what are some of the biggest rookie mistakes you have noticed in girls?
A: For sure sunscreen, it’s an often forgotten step and taken for granted. Girls sometimes need to go easy on the powder and finding a bb cream that actually suits their skin tone. Skip the bright pink blush shaped in a circle on cheeks and go for something much more natural starting from the tip of ear and shading downwards until you reach the middle of the eye on the cheek. 

Q: what is your favourite make-up look this season?  Any colours or styles we should be looking out for?
A: I guess what’s always in is the smokey eye. For fall, you would also work into a deep berry for the lips and the glowy,dewy nude look is nice too. Graphic liner is pretty cool if altered to be more for daily wear.  

Q: are there any small tips and tricks you might have for asian girls with small smaller eyes which are more susceptible to puffiness?
A: For sure concentrate color on nearest to your lash/lid line. Then work your way upwards. Liner is also your best friend. I’ve done a good article on this right here – 5 Simple Tips to Getting Eye-Makeup Right for Pretty Asian Eyes 

Q. who is your inspiration fashion/make-up wise and/or personally?
A. Bobbi Brown, Francois Nars and Oprah Winfrey for their work and personality. 

Q. i read one of your older posts the other day about the behind the scenes woes of being a beauty blogger.  what is your favourite and least favourite thing about being a well-respected and admired beauty blogger?
A. Favourite thing – People emailing you, messaging you and telling you how much you’ve been able to help them with not only make-up, but their self- confidence 🙂
Least Favourite –  Not having an idea when I want to blog, camera battery running out when you’re filming, SD card too full, lighting not working – just technical things haha.

Q. congratulations on starting your new online accessory shop – roseanne!  It looks incredibly exciting and I can’t wait for the first launch!  what brought about the idea to start it up?  do you design your own accessories for this new line?  if so what are your sources of inspiration?
A. Thanks! It all started with really wanting to design jewellery  I wanted to get sterling silver pieces and inscribe beautiful quotes on them, sort of like inspirational jewellery. However, after the financial calculations, I thought it would be more feasible to start with a store sourcing and hand picking myself jewellery to sell from different places around the globe. I’ll get a line in someday! Inspiration ought to start with simple and statement pieces that are unique, trendy and everyday.

Q. what can we expect from roseanne, your accessory line?  any tantalising sneak peaks you can share with us?
A. Everyone can stay tuned to the facebook page:  for sneak peeks 😉’re currently in London pursuing a diploma in Fashion & Photographic Make up.  How is that going so far? any neat tricks you can share with us?  what do you wish to get out of this course? what is the most interesting part of your course?
A. Yes! It’s going really well. I’m really happy I decided to go to make-up school and really getting myself spot checked here. The teachers are professionals who have been working for over 20 years so they know their stuff and they are very nit picky which is great! I do want to do freelance make-up artistry as a business too so I hope I can really sharpen my skills to do fashion shows or even bridal. We do everything though from special effects, to hair, to bridal, to vintage. It’s great. For tips, you can stay tuned to my blog

Q. after you graduate from this diploma, what do you see your next steps as?
A. Well the store is launching at the end of January hopefully (I’ll try my best). Lots to do there and hopefully it goes well. I want to collaborate with a few other online shops and supply them jewellery for the shoots plus do loads of photoshoots with the jewellery so if there are any models out there and you want to do test shoots and need a makeup artist, let me know 😉 I want to start volunteering for charities too and  I want to carry on blogging and youtubing. Hopefully start doing talks at different blogger events, I filmed a beauty series with Mediacorp for ToggleTV so that will be exciting when it comes out and maybe can do more stuff for them. I hope to freelance loads for make-up and build up a decent portfolio to get a living out of it. Would be amazing, but it seems that God always has something up His sleeve for me whenever I come back so should be good!

Q. from what I know, you were born and lived in Singapore before moving to Melbourne for studies and now you’re based in London for your diploma.  Where do you feel home is now?
A. Haha, for sure in Singapore!

Q. where and what do see yourself doing 5 years and 10 years down the road?
A. If we’re talking dream come true. 5 years – on TV, internationally known and going brick and mortar, doing fashion shoots, runway shows and bridal make-up on the weekend. Helping my boyfriend with his dessert store.
10 years- A book published, my own show, and all of the above!

Q. just to end off do you have any words of advice or pearls of wisdom for budding beauty bloggers out there?
A. Stay true to yourself, have a personality and don’t give up. Blog because you truly love it for it will truly test your love for it for sure.

So there you have it folks, straight from the blogger’s mouth.

a personal favourite post from Roseanne would have to be a recent one – “What Happens when I Don’t Use A Mirror” how one can apply make-up so flawlessly without a mirror is beyond me considering I struggle even with a mirror.

but beyond what Roseanne blogs about or her interesting and precious beauty tips, it is her refreshing candidness about her goals and dreams in life which never fail to inspire me to do more with my life and I hope this goes the same for you as a long-time fan or someone who has heard about Roseanne for the first time 🙂

if you would look to know more about Roseanne, you can catch her on the following medias:
and keep a sharp eye out for her upcoming accessory line Roseanne at and

who told you that? We told you that first!


P.S. big thanks from the WTYT crew to Roseanne for accepting this interview so candidly 🙂

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