to complete my Beckii-Is-Getting-Really-Fat Thursday [starting off with brunch HERE], lara and i took out our friend jeremy to dinner at Mamacita. i was pretty excited!! having heard a lot about this place but not had the chance to try it out up until that night.

Mamasita on Urbanspoon



as one of the very many [its a popular trend here in Melbourne] ‘no reservation’ places, we rocked up [at peak time] around 7pm, and were greeted by a moderate line – being that there were more than 2 of us though, we were informed that we wouldn’t be able to get a table until 9pm….DOH!!

..in saying that though, service was pretty good all throughout and they gave us a call at 9pm promptly to inform us nomming time had come around=P




chill, pretty dimly lit interior. love the pin up girl plastered on the wall though;)



im not sure if it was just because we were all really hungry or the food was actually good….hahaha just kidding. definitely loved the food! i like mexican food as it is, and it definitely did not disappoint – lara introduced us to the signature chargrilled corn, ‘elates callejeros’ – which arrived smothered in cheese and chipotle mayo – FREAKiN GOOD! also really liked the ox tongue and cheek tacos with ghost chilli [although the ghost chilli…was not very hot…sadface] and the pork ribs that we had:D



Elates callejeros – ‘street style’ chargrilled corn,queso, chipotle mayo + lime.



Tacos de Lengua y Cachete – braised ox tongue and cheek, picked veg and ghost chilli mayo



Buñuelos de garbanzos – Chickpea fritters, field mushrooms, sweet potato & jalapeño herb sauce [also really liked this one]



Costillas de cerdo – Guajillo-braised pork ribs, habanero cream, fried parsley & lime



the slight disappointment was the hickory smoked salmon – aside from the quinoa and sauce, the fish itself had little taste. still liked it though:)



Salmón ahumado casero – Hickory smoked salmon, ancho glaze


[secretly pleased with myself that i was able to take decent photos and focus them in the very dimly lit environment without too much noise…yay for being less of a DSLR n00b \o/]



definitely would come back here! although [like all no reservation places] i would only come back either super early or super late to avoid such long waiting times next time=/



and the only pic of us il post up [even though its blurry] because in all the others one or more of us looked really bad=/ and who can resist a photobombing waitress hahahaha=P

happy birthday jeremy!






until next time…



beckii xo


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