For the third installment of our interview series of inspirational people, I am proud to bring and interview from a rap veteran, Mr Jin Au Yeung. The first prominent Asian rapper to hit the hiphop scene some 10 years ago, there has been few with such a varied career as Jin has.


Jin started his career off on Freestyle Fridays in 2001, a rap battle section in BET’s 106 and Park. This lead to him being signed under Ruff Ryders in 2002 [with other rappers such as Eve, DMX, Jadakiss]; it was ‘Learn Chinese’ which placed Jin on the map and known to the world [Beckii: this song was how I discovered Jin myself].





Moving to Hong Kong in 2008; Jin released his first Cantonese album ‘ABC’ and started to become involved in local dramas, tv shows and promotions. It was around this time that he met Pastor Jaeson Ma…and so the story goes; the rest is history!
A huge 180 degrees from his previous focus, Jin has since released Christian-inspired singles and mini albums over the past few years with his current record label Catch Adventures, and his most recent project is ‘Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith’, of which you can download HERE🙂 [Beckii: i recommend!]









Jin was so kind enough to answer a few of WTYT’s questions for him, so please keep reading to find out more…





1. Is been a few years now since you made the decision to follow Christ. What was the turning point in which you decided this was the right decision to make?

I wouldn’t say it was about me coming to a point and realizing that following Christ would be making the right decision. The best way I can think of describing it is, I believe I finally encountered God in a very intimate way and saw just how much He loves me. As well, the grace and patience that He has shown me through out the last 30 years of my life has been beyond understanding.

I did this interview around 2010 while I was still living in Hong Kong and I think it would be a great start to understanding in detail what God is doing in my life. –



2. A lot of people ask you, “What happened to the old Jin?” as well as a lot of adverse reactions to your choice of music style now – what are your thoughts on that? Do you feel you have changed much as an artist?

I don’t have a particular thought on it. The only thing that matters is if my heart and actions are aligned with what God has in mind for me. Have I changed as an artist? Absolutely. However, I don’t even think that’s important. If my music has changed but I am still living in my old habits and worldly ways, it doesn’t mean much. There is comfort in knowing that I can fool the world but I can’t fool God. It challenges me to be extremely honest with myself.

3. In your career spanning over 10+ years thus far, what have been some of the absolute highlights you can recall? What have been the hardest?

The highlights are unfolding right now in front of me. I use to think that some of my past accomplishments were the greatest things ever. What God is showing me daily is that it all doesn’t mean much. My successes. My failures even. The only thing noteworthy is the life transformation that is taking place currently.

4. In terms of personal development, what have you felt have been the biggest changes since following Christ?

It’s like my whole perspective has shifted. It’s quite intriguing to be honest. Even considering how it relates to my involvement with Hiphop culture and my role as an artist. For years, as an MC, I’ve been conditioned to maintain a mindset that I am the best. I am number one. It’s all about my skill. Following Christ has help me realize that it is not about me.. at all.


5. Who have been the biggest inspirations in your life thus far?

I realize now that over the years the artists or public figures that I use to aspire to be or look up to, may not have necessarily been ideal figures to model myself after. This is not to say they are bad people, since I don’t know them personally. It all goes back to false idols. These were rappers that I idolized and poured all my devotion into. Yet, my values and morals were becoming less than healthy. I thank God for allowing me to see now that there is no inspiration like Jesus Christ.


6. You’ve been involved in movies, dramas, talk shows in Hong Kong in the past few years. Was this a difficult transition to make, or were you quite at east given your experience acting in Fast and Furious in 2003, and as a public rap personality in the past?

It was a process that required me to humble myself for sure. I think along with God’s grace, that is what carried me through most of these different experiences.


7. What was it like being part of Ruff Ryders back in the day – and I suppose, being the first prominent Asian rapper in mainstream hiphop? Do you feel your time in Ruff Ryders influenced who you are today?

It was an experience that I learned a lot from. Those were definitely the years that I would say I was farthest from God. Between the life style I was living and what drove me in terms of aspirations, I can honestly say it was not God honoring at all.
This is why I can’t state enough how thankful I am for God’s grace and patience with me.


8. Being blessed with a wife and son in recent years – how does it feel to be a father? (congratulations again!) Do you think you would have ever envisaged ending up at this point in your life, three years ago? Do you find it hard to split your time between living in Hong Kong and the States?

Fatherhood is amazing. I was already quite overwhelmed by the blessings that the Lord had showered me with between the favor He showed me during my time in Hong Kong and the growth that I experienced spiritually. Between my wife and my son, I can’t express enough how much God has blessed me with.


9. What is your view on Far East Movement and other prominent Asian artists regarding how they are portrayed in the Western media in recent times?

In the same breath that I can say that Asian Americans have come a long way in the Western media, I can also say that there is still much ground to cover. It’s great to see hardworking, talented people achieve their goals and dreams. To me now, the bigger picture is winning souls for God’s Kingdom.


10. You were involved in the documentary 1040 with Jaeson Ma, Vanness Wu, Sean Ro – can you talk a bit about what kind of experience that was like for you?

It’s humbling and encouraging to be part of a project that is really shining light on what the Lord is doing in the Asia continent. of course, I can only say it is less about 1040 as a documentary and more about God and His glory.


11. What do you see your career going in the near future? Any specific goals or plans?

My only goal and plan is to surrender and dedicate my life to God in all that I do. How that pertains to my career is, I will leave it in His hands. The music, the performing, etc. As long as I can glorify Him and be in His presence, that’s all that matters.


12. Who would you love to collaborate with for a music track? Which artist(s) have you enjoyed working with the most thus far?

I find so many people are talented and I admire what they do musically. In this season of my life, I think my focus is on God and my family more than anything. With that said, there really aren’t any specific artists that I could mention. Whatever God’s will is, count me in!


13. What is it like being involved in Catch Adventures with Joseph Vincent, Toestah, and your manager Carl Choi?

I’ve been through much with Carl. It would be safe to say our relationship now has transcended beyond just artist/manager. What God is doing in his life is encouraging for me to see as well. As for Joseph and Toestah, they are talented young brothers trying to find their way and I wish them all the best!

14. Any last words?

I am a sinner and I thank Jesus for dying for my sins. All I want is to know Him, to be like Him and to make Him known.


Thanks Jin!



I did a brief music post on Jin last year; which you can check out HERE.


Hope you like the post, comments welcome!:)



– beckii xo


disclaimer: all photos courtesy of google…


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