wow excuse my incredibly unimaginative titles today; my brain is a little too tired to be witty right now.



this was a double ended farewell nomz – my america travel buddy is going to the UK for 2 years for work! i will miss him.

was recommended NSHRY in albert park by lara, so me + poops decided to go check it out….talk about fail bipolar weather melbourne! its already supposed to be summer, but we were welcomed by a cold, wet, fail morning -___-


Nshry on Urbanspoon

2012-12-14 10.34.00

2012-12-14 10.34.29



anyway NSHRY was a lot smaller than i expected! literally was like a little tiny water-side place…only big enough for a few tables inside, and a few outside.


2012-12-14 10.41.25



i was pretty unimpressed with the service, i had to say – as there was no specific entry, only a glass sliding door – so when i slid it open and entered, there was no greeting and all i got was a stare from the girl behind the counter. errr….and then after about 5 minutes of looking around wondering what to do, she finally was like, “so…do you want a table?” ….well yes. thats why im here…?

if she was new; fair enough – given she had no idea what the single origins were either; nor which ones were good with coffee. but thats okay. at least greet customers!



this fail was made up by the food – which i have to say, i REALLY liked. we were unable to try the famed umami burger as we came before lunchtime; but i was pretty happy with my panko-crumbed fritters. suuuper tasty!!:) the coffee [me + poops both got the el salvador single origin; they had 3 to choose from] for me at least, was pretty average. i couldnt really taste the blend in my cappuchino. do i sound like a coffee snob now? haha…


anyway, id recommend NSHRY for the food, but definitely not for the service. enjoy! one again sorry for the fail photos – my phone camera was dirty -__-


2012-12-14 10.52.29


spot the black milk leggings…hahahahah.


2012-12-14 10.52.24


i cant remember what this was…some kind of breakfast omelette??


2012-12-14 10.52.18


my panko-crumbed corn + zucchini fritters. with a poached egg + avocado + smoked salmon. SO GOOD.


2012-12-14 10.57.41


mmm. food pr0n.


2012-12-14 10.46.01


ze coffees.





– beckii xo


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