warning; this post may be a bit more personal/rambly/nonsense than usual, but cut me some slack its the last day of the year HAHA.

so since i will be unable to post during the end few hours of 2012; here is my premature post. can you believe its nearly the end of 2012?! this year has definitely flown by – i remember saying farewell to 2011 only not too long ago in hong kong; rooftop partying in lan kwai fong.

out of the last few years which honestly have been incredibly, incredibly testing for me on both a work and personal level, 2012 has definitely been a much better experience. iv spent more than half the year living out of a suitcase in korea and america; iv met people from all over the world and learnt about them and who they are [which i feel so blessed to have experienced – it is really eye opening, MiND opening]; iv been introduced to people who iv never thought i would become friends with – and patched up with friends i never thought id be friends with again; iv had spiritual, emotional and personal growth and challenges which have changed me from what i started off as a few years ago.

even though this year hasnt been that much easier, i still know i am blessed despite the hardships! and im also thankful for the growth […somewhat growth HAHA] of this blog since we started up nearly 2 years ago now. i wanted this to be a social media platform so we could use it to inform others, inspire others, and find inspiring things and people to share/share with [which is another reason for the ‘IN THE SPOTLIGHT‘ series].

im currently [as you know] in seoul, and i dont really know what is going to happen in this new year, but heres hoping i will find my purpose. i still love you melbourne! il come back when you give me a reason to:)

God Bless, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all from me and inez and diana  – may it be a wonderful, challenging, amazing year for all of us. lets see what you’ve got, 2013!


and enjoy my quick NYE doodle i did – managed to cram this all in today in a few hours. enjoy!
bogmunk nye 2012
– beckii xo

p.s as a bit of a blatant plug…my birthday is in 3 days. the best birthday gift i could be given [by you who dont know me all too well] is to like my art page! HERE! you’re the best? (^___^)v


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