dipped the hair

s0 yes i did the hair… dipped it to be more specific.

ombre took the hair world on by storm recently but and now it has evolved into a new trend.. dip dye.  this new and loud hair trend has captivated the fashionistas with a lot of celebrities experimenting with different colours and streaking techniques.

in fact many still find it difficult to differentiate between the two highlighting methods.

Ombré is actually the french word for “to shade” or “shadow”. it’s actually used to describe the graduation of shades of a colour from dark to light – a fading effect of colours.  in fact this term is not restricted to hair but has been around for years, used on fabric dying..etc.. however, in the hair fashion world, ombre effect is meant to be the colours fading in a straight line – so it’s meant to have a more prominent effect than a natural sunkissed or beach-bleached look.


drew barrymore quite constantly sports the ombre hair look


lauren conrad went for a slightly softer ombre look with more natural colours 


taeyeon was daring enough to experiment with 2 bold hair trends – short hair and ombre and the result was amazing.. this is personally my favourite hairstyle on her so far.

dip dye, as its name suggests, is when the hair appears as if it has been dipped in paint.  although very similar to ombre, it’s meant to have a much bolder effect with a straighter and more obvious difference in colours.  usually brighter and crazier colours are used to bring out the full effect of the dying technique.  and this dying technique has taken the kpop world by storm with a lot of celebrities trying out flashy new colours for their album concepts.


the first time i ever noticed the dip-dying trend was on krystal during f(x)’s nu abo promotion.  in fact most of the f(x) members sported this look for that album’s concept.




i find the pinkish red dip dye hair really suited g.na’s concept for her mini album, bloom, especially for her promo song 2Hot


and of course who can forget the moment when sandara shocked the world with her new hair do and went even crazier with purple and blue dip dyes

in theory, both styles seem easy to differentiate, however, in practice, the 2 are less distinguished from each other and tend to overlap.

a classic example is bom’s strawberry blonde look which gradually takes on a pink hue.


despite the bright pink, the line between the blonde and the pink is a lot less distinguished and straight.  In fact, the pink is a very gradual effect as you notice there’s a middle shade of light pink between the other two colours.

taeyeon makes a second appearance in this entry with her latest hairstyle – this time dip dyed green for SNSD’s new album i got a boy


so to be completely honest, I’m not very adventurous with my hair.  If anything quite boring.  Other than the red bob i tried last year, i generally tend to stick to natural colours and simple hairstyles. So as always, i went to my usual hair salon, which is the Kimage Hair School at Funan, for a normal one colour shade but the instructors there who seem to recognise me by now, suggested I try something different since my hair has grown out and the next thing I know I had red dip-dyed hair.

so here’s a few pictures of my own dip dye style




after – dark brown/red on top and red at the bottom

i really love this dip dye style – a little bit of rebel mixed into a fashion statement.  if you’re not one to go for something too loud because of work or anything you can try slightly less brighter colours for a more subdued look or even opt for ombre for a more sunkissed look.

happy experimenting girls!

drop comments below to show us YOUR dip dye/ombre styles 🙂


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