so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D

follow my instagram on!:)






outfit details: varsity jacket from korea | J Brand chambray shirt | black H&M tank | Uniqlo jeggings [they look like real jeans, ok! hahaha=P] | Cheap Monday Angle Low black suede boots




outfit details: Sportsgirl ‘Kaz’ combat jacket | American Apparel tri-blend vneck tshirt in charcoal [guys section…] | galaxy print mini from singapore [Black Milk imitation? haha] | random black tights




outfit details: nerdicles from korea | Zara cropped leather jacket | free screen printed tshirt from Carbon forums 2011 | Cotton On grey longsleeved tee | dripping Chanel logo necklace from korea | Urban Outfitter bracelets | Tiffany&Co. midnight titanium ring




had to buy these Lovisa goodies in order to validate parking in the city [Melbourne] -__- i actually really didnt want to spend any money….




FINALLY~!! LAID HANDS ON MY BLACK MILK PANTONE LEGGINGS!!! love these. very good quality leggings. SO sad that i scratched them accidentally a few days after i recieved them.




Tiff&Co midnight titanium ring, Urban Outfitter gold/silver bracelets, Lovisa gold/pink spiked bracelet, spiked double finger ring from korea.




my Ash ‘Trouble’ wedges. havent worn these out in a LONG time now! i love wedge sneakers♥




Sakun [korean hiphop brand…see the varsity jacket i own from them HERE] skeleton gloves. love these!!




Lacquar bag i picked up this trip in singapore…love it! its super convertible…use as a tote, or as a shoulder bag with the long strap…AND they gave you an extra removable zip bag in the centre. lovveee:)




would not usually fork out money for a massive fur coat…but H&M was having a pretty good 50% sale on this one! picked up in singapore. its obnoxious and a bit out there for me but i love it.




cool furry + nike bearbricks + andy warhol merchandise i spotted in a shop in hongdae [Korea]. i want the massive blue furry one!




these ‘ear’ beanies are super popular right now..really cheap for me to buy one here in korea, although im pretty sure the price is elevated elsewhere [e.g singapore, other countries where korean stuff is popular]…thinking about DIY studding this one! or buying more and studding them…




picked this up at the ALand [chain store in Korea which carries unique Korean/international fashion designers, you can pick up some really unique stuff here] discount store in hongdae. love!




outfit details: vintage jumper from hongdae [cost me under 10 bucks haha] | Cotton On denim shirt | H&M black tshirt dress | 8seconds baroque/leopard print leggings [picked these up for about…7 bucks AUD haha]




nail polish from etude house. pastels with glitter are getting really popular nowadays! managed to get these mainly on sale so all up for the 6 polishes it cost me about 10 bucks:)




new earring [the cross]. picked this up from Dongdaemoon markets here in korea for approximately 6 bucks AUD. i like it better than my old earring [which now after 4+ years is all yuck and rusty] because the ballbearing backing pulls on my ear less. REALLY hard for  me to put on myself though! shouldve bought another one…




outfit details: grey beanie from hongdae | oatmeal jumper left by my previus housemate ROFL | Zara cream knit jumper | Cotton on grey tank | 8seconds paterned leggings | Regal Rose hematite cross




outfit details: Zara camo/denim shirt | H&M black tshirt dress | H&M leopard print leggings | Regal Rose hematite cross.




Etude House/The Faceshop polishes…love the pastel/glitter one! IMPOSSIBLE to remove though >__<




been suffering incredibly uncomfortable, 24/7 back pain for the past 3 weeks iv been here, so i decided to buy a backpack – say hello to my new galaxy friend from 49N [a korean streetwear brand]! love it! definitely helps to distribute weight of all my schoolbooks and other stuff whilst im here:)




more Etude House glitter polish. this one isnt as opaque as the other pastel/glitter one, which was a shame. nice colour though!




outfit details [so i didnt actually wear this out…but anyway!]: tiger batwing top from ALand discount store | Cotton On striped tank | wool? blend charcoal textured skirt from ALand discount store




the daily jewelry load here in korea. Regal Rose cross ring, hematite cross, question mark ring from korea, pinky bow ring from hong kong, Tiff&Co midnight titanium ring, sleepers from singapore.




setting out my shoes and accessories for my friends wedding/long weekend events back in november in melbourne. Boutique9 bronze heels, Aqua silver glitter pumps, silver/pewter bangles from a random shop in singapore, Lacquar rose gold bracelet, gold plate belt from singapore.




hahaha….a large ARK i made for my church’s christmas party [with the help of friends to paint it]…like it?:)




the Lovisa ear cuff in action. i love chained earrings like this! makes me want more ear piercings haha…




Regal Rose Naida snake wrap ring [can buy HERE! love this]:)




really needed retail therapy on the day i bought these. on sale at Wittner [Melbourne], both of them were half price, AND leather! love the spiked pair:):)




nails for my friends wedding. experimenting with random nail art stuff…




Urban Outfitter bracelets + Diva black stone bracelet on right arm, retro gold Casio watch + spiked gold chain bracelet from ALand + Disney Couture ‘have faith in your dreams’ cuff + more Diva bracelets on left arm:) love this combo!




my ‘Queen of Hearts’ outfit for my church Christmas party end of last year. I couldn’t figure out how to affordably rent a costume, so i went ahead and made it – white shirt under a black Dotti tshirt with hearts and ribbon stuck on it, same process on a black satin Supre [i hide the bags when i shop there haha] skirt, fishnet tights, Ash ‘Patty’ boots…and a wig to top it off. never worn a wig before now, so it was fun! and kind of annoying to make the synthetic hair sit right!


2013-01-22 21.42.04


SUPER hot day i remember. outfit details: Garage white tee from america | mustard paperbag shorts from singapore | chained sandals from Karmaloop | stacked bracelets as detailed above | Regal Rose hematite cross


2013-01-22 21.42.25


for a friend’s 21st. Lacquar blue chiffon top [love it] | Zara lace pencil skirt | Jeffrey Campbell Adelaide wedges [read my story of frustration with them HERE] | Lacquar leather/gold cuff



annd…thats it! until next time!


-beckii xo

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