brunch adventures – strangers reunion

a place where strangers are reunited over aromatic coffee and mouth-wateringly good waffles – strangers reunion.

coffee and waffle lovers are no strangers (no pun intended) to this popular cafe.  As if their good food and coffee wasn’t enough of an attraction, Strangers Reunion Cafe has claimed bragging rights as Latte Art champions with their founder Ryan Tan being crowned reigning champion of Singapore’s National Barista Champion thrice and the Second Runner Up of World Latte Art Championships.

 photo DSCF4372_zpsfd40d912.jpg

Armed with coffee beans roasted by themselves personally, Strangers Reunion has drawn coffee lovers from all across Singapore with their freshly brewed coffees.  Tucked away behind tastefully weathered vintage window panes with only a small, understated wooden handwritten sign ‘Strangers Reunion’ to announce their presence, the cafe has a growing fan base gushing over their coffee, waffles, breakfast/brunch delectables and cosy atmosphere.

 photo resized_zpsf2503aa9.jpg

Stepping into the cafe, delicious aromas and sights to feast on assault your senses.  The unmistakable “that is good coffee” aroma is enough to perk me up whilst still within Morning Monster state.  Moreover, taking curious and almost greedy glances at other tables’ brunch delights with mouth-wateringly good poached eggs being served up is enough to get your gastric juices working.

When i finally had the opportunity to try out Strangers Reunion, the things I had heard about it was somewhere close to a mythical land of thick, smooth and aromatic coffee coupled with the perfectly crispy and fluffy buttermilk waffles.  And to be honest, after hearing all those raving and gushing comments about the cafe, I had become somewhat sceptical.  I mean to be honest, how good could coffee be in Singapore?  The answer, after I took my first sip of Strangers Reunion’s coffee was, very good.  Ordering my usual soy flat white, I was blown away by the thick and rich flavour of the coffee beans which was so smooth and so creamy when coupled with perfectly frothed milk that I had to put all cynical thoughts of Singapore’s coffee to rest.

 photo DSCF4359_zpsd9ebd53e.jpg

 photo DSCF4364_zps6ca81377.jpg

However, what Strangers Reunion is really known for is its Magic.  Yes that’s right, Magic.  This mythical potion (S$4.90) of a double Ristretto shot topped with perfectly foamed milk has enchanted coffee enthusiasts.  Curious about all the hoo-ha this little mysterious formula in a 6 oz cup has caused, on my third visit back to the cafe, I decided to give it a try.  At first, I was a bit apprehensive that the double shot would be a bit too strong for my liking and if anything overtly bitter if not done right.  But that little cocktail of coffee goodness was everything but.  As all good Ristretto’s should be, it embodied a fuller and nuttier taste with a creamier texture MINUS the bitterness.  I now understood why the name Magic.

 photo magic_zpsd774f5aa.jpg

After falling head over heels with the coffee at the cafe, I was cajoled by my friend to try the buttermilk waffles.  I for one, have never been big on waffles because whenever I do bring myself to try one, they’re either hard enough to cause a concussion should I attempt to use it as a weapon or soft enough for my grandmother to eat without dentures.   However, I figured after all that I had heard about it, I had to have a try of these legendary waffles for myself.  Like almost everything else in this cafe, the waffles made an almost understated presence when served.  simply plated and dished with a dollop of ice cream or greek yoghurt (your choice to be healthy or not) and berries I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed at first sight.

 photo 483769_10151565766362244_1020629722_n_zpsd5abfa62.jpg

That changed very quickly upon the first bite.  I can safely say, i have finally found waffles which embodies perfection.  Biting into the waffle, the crispy golden brown crust very quickly gives way to the softest, fluffiest inside.  Matching that perfection combination of crispy-on-the-outside-and-fluffy-on-the-inside with deliciously cold and creamy vanilla ice-cream, your tastebuds probably have never tasted anything so delectably heavenly before.  Having tried the waffles with both ice cream and greek yoghurt, I personally am a bit more of a fan of the pairing of greek yoghurt with waffles.  As odd a combination as it sounds, the tangy yoghurt balances the eggy taste and sweetness of the waffles.

Furnished with an assortment of vintage furniture, ranging from high wooden stools and tables to cute little coffee tables with mini chairs and even a sofa sprawled near the entrance, the cafe encompasses the typical indie and yet cosy feel to a tee.

 photo DSCF4371_zpsff2687af.jpg

 photo DSCF4368_zps7fa9a212.jpg

 photo DSCF4357_zps06b728d1.jpg

The chill and quiet atmosphere within the cafe is perfect for the odd catch up with the girls, the casual afternoon date or even a project discussion with the colleagues over (very good) coffee.

As all good cafes are, Strangers Reunion is staffed with ever-friendly waiters ready to take your order or just engage in casual conversations.  If one really had anything to complain about Strangers Reunion, it would be their overwhelming popularity.  Come weekends, after office hours or public holidays, the cafe is over run with every inch of seat-able area taken up and of course, a natural and reasonable consequence of that is food starts running out.  To be fair though, the only time that happened to me was on a public holiday, so i’m sure it’s not a regular occurrence.

As such, to combat the apocalypse of coffee addicts, Strangers Reunion have decided to expand (thank goodness!).  And where else than right smack bang in the middle of CBD where both caffeine and good coffee is most required.  I’ve personally never tried out their Raffles Place branch but if their Outram Park branch is anything to go by, the caffeine-driven monster within you will definitely be satisfied.

In all honesty, out of all the brunch adventuring I’ve done, Strangers Reunion is definitely my fav in Singapore so far.  The excellent coffee, chill atmosphere, mismatched colours of the cups and saucers, friendly wait staff and delish waffles all encompass the perfect cafe experience for me.  Whether it’s just to catch up with the girls over brunch or work out some minor details with colleagues or even just have some me-time with a good cuppa, Strangers Reunion is the perfect place to do so.  So if you still haven’t tried out this quaint little cafe nestled in Outram Park, this cafe has earned Inez’s personal recommendation for MUST-TRY!

Strangers Reunion Cafe

37 Kampong Bahru Road

Singapore, 169356

Strangers at Work

11 Collyer Quay #01-12

Singapore, S049317


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