in the spotlight with Sam Ock

No we  haven’t disappeared.  the WTYT crew has just been busy with stuff.  Some of this “stuff” includes getting to know more inspiring and talented people in our global community.

Today, we’d like to introduce, Sam Ock, Singer, Song-writer and “firm and fervent believer in Jesus Christ”.

 photo samock_zpsb92827c8.jpg

Currently based in Ellicot City, MD in the US of A, Sam is a slightly introverted but highly annointed individual.  Having grown up with musical family with his mum as an opera singer, Sam found away to voice himself through music.   His musical gifts go beyond his smooth vocals and have extended into song writing as well.

I’ve personally followed Sam for a while, enjoying both his covers and originals.  His music is not just soothing to the ears but also to the soul with lyrics used to document his personal journey and revelations of his relationship with God.

Another interesting fact you may notice is how different Sam’s looking nowadays.  After some intense exercising and dieting, Sam went from a larger frame into a lean mean music machine.

Just before Sam released his single, Every Moment, (yes that was a while ago so my bad for posting this up so late.. :S SORRY) we caught up with him, asking about his journey and plans for the future 🙂

Q. What would you describe your music style as?

A.  I think I’ll leave that to the listener to decide! I’ve been influenced by a range of musical styles from classical to jazz, hip-hop to folk, rock to bluegrass. If I have to choose a genre to categorize my music, it’d probably be Pop/Hip-Hop.

Q. How old were you and when did you start getting involved in music?

A. I grew up with music in my blood. My mother was an opera singer, so I was surrounded by music since birth. I started seriously getting involved in music in high school, and considered it to be a career path as a sophomore in college.

Q. Who or what would you say is your musical inspiration for both lyrics and tunes?

A. Jesus Christ and a worldview that revolves around him is the inspiration for the majority of my lyrical content. Music-wise, I like to draw the unique elements from all the musicians I enjoy listening to, and combine them together into my own sound. I enjoy John Mayer’s songwriting and melodies, Nujabes’ tone-setting and colors, classical/romantic music’s harmonies and chord progressions, grooves from jazz and funk, so I try to capture the essence of those elements in my songs.

 photo MVI_0515MOV_zps17764ed6.jpg

Q. What’s your favourite(s) song? What is your favourite(s) song you have written yourself?

A. Some songs I’ve been digging are Come Thou Fount by King’s Kaleidoscope, Settle Down by Kimbra, and Weight Music by KB. Of course these are not my favorites, but I really couldn’t choose even if I had to!

My favorite songs that I’ve written include Rollercoaster, All I Need, and my new single that just came out, Every Moment. Please check them out! ^-^ v

Q. Could you share with us what your songwriting process is like?

A. My songwriting process constantly varies. It ranges from sitting at the piano working out chords and melodies, or sitting at my computer starting with a drum pattern. One thing that remains constant though is that I write most of my lyrics down on paper. The romantic image of a torn and tattered notebook filled with scratched out lyrics and scribbled melodies helps to inspire me, I think.

Q. What’s it like collaborating with the likes of dumbfoundead, kero one, clara c.. etc.. are there any interesting stories you could share with us or anyone you specifically enjoyed collaborating with?

A. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with other artists and sharpening each other’s musical iron. My goal when collaborating with another artist is to bring out their musical best, or to stretch them musically. Interestingly enough, I met both Clara and Dumb when they were right on the cusp of going to the next level. They’ve greatly exceeded me now, but it was a pleasure to work with them while they were still starting out their journeys as artists!

Q. Is there anyone you specifically would like to collaborate with in the future?

A. The artists I’d like to collaborate with seem like such pipe dreams… John Mayer, Herbie Hancock, Keith & Kristyn Getty… too many to name!

Q. Is there anything you would like to share about your personal walk and journey with the Lord?

A. I grew up in a religious environment, so I thought I was going to heaven by association. My mother was a choir director, and my father was a church elder. I didn’t realize how big a deal Jesus was until my middle and high school years. I realized that if the Bible were really true, everything I knew would change, and it would be the greatest reality that I would know, since it was able to answer every important question I had about life. Since I’ve let the Bible shape my worldview, I know who I am, what I’m supposed to do, & where I and the rest of the world are headed to.

 photo MVI_0540MOV_zps3a70793f.jpg

Q. Was there a specific turning point in life which made you have a bigger personal revelation of the Lord and/or rely on Him more?

A. Jesus was just a cultural concept to me, since I grew up in church. In practice, I couldn’t call myself a Christian because even though I knew stuff in my head, none of it actually translated into my worldview and how I walked my walk.

I started to ask myself hard questions in high school about Christianity (Is God real? Am I going to hell? Am I really a Christian? What is a Christian?). I consulted my pastors, family, and the internet, and was honest to God (if he really existed) about my feelings. The more I thought about it, the more I tried to disprove or confirm it with as unbiased a perspective I could have, the more the stuff in the Bible seemed to be consistent and true.

I still think it’s weird that I believe in a Jewish man who claimed he was God and died on the cross for the sins of the world, but hey, if it’s true then it really is a life-changing truth!

Q. Who has(have) been your biggest inspiration(s) in life?

A. My family, friends, and most importantly, my God! :]

Q. How do you feel as someone whose life is sometimes under scrutiny by public especially as a Christian?

A. I think there are many misconceptions of Christianity due to people being imperfect by nature, especially myself. Everyone makes mistakes and will misrepresent a worldview, no matter what worldview it is (mean Atheists, hypocritical Christians, militant Muslims, etc.). I think that scrutiny is sometimes unfair, but there are many times that it is necessary. As a Christian, I think it’s important that I should be consistent in my worldview. It definitely feels like a lot of pressure at times, but then I’m reminded that it’s not my failures that define me, but what Jesus has done (Galatians 2:20). I am able to embrace my shortcomings and weaknesses, and I want to face them directly and improve!

Q. What can we expect from your new single coming up?

A. My single Every Moment is an attempt at a more Stevie Wonder-ish pop sound. I just want to create music that is timeless and encouraging for people to listen to no matter what they are going through, and I hope that a song like Every Moment accomplishes that!

(author’s note: can’t even begin to describe how much i LOVE this song.. jazzy tunes, and Sam’s signature smooth vocals.  and in the music video you get to see the journey Sam took to change his physique as he croons to this new tune)

Q. Where do you see yourself in the future? Any specific goals or plans in mind?

A. I see myself making music my whole life, whether as a career, or recreation. It’s a talent God has given me, so I will continue to use it for him, whatever that means!

In terms of occupation, I’d like to have a career in music, but if that’s not the road that has been paved for me, then I’m really okay with being or doing anything. I want to go on a long-term mission to another country, and I also want to get married!

Q. Any words of wisdom to share with budding Christian musicians or songwriters?

A. The most important thing in your life is not your music, creativity or inspiration, but your character as a Christian man or woman, and your personal worship of God in all that you do outside of music, especially in your devotional life (Word & prayer). If your identity as a follower of Jesus in every other part of your life becomes secure, then your music will become a beautiful, wonderful overflow of that. Press on, brothers and sisters! :]

 photo praisingthelordonebeatatatime_zps7c52ada7.jpg

Q. Do you have any plans to do a music tour sometime? Maybe drop by the little red dot of Singapore? or the land of kangaroos and koalas Australia? 🙂

A. I don’t have any personal shows planned, but I will be doing a few shows with my group AMP. You can check our/my personal performance schedule out at . I’d LOVE to come out to Singapore or Australia, please request for me to be there! I’d love to meet you!

It is always inspiring to see and hear the background stories and revelations of these annointed and awesome musicians.  So there you have it fangirls if you would like to see Sam or any of the other AMP artists touring your country make sure you request for them on the AMP website

If you’d like to watch/hear more of Sam’s songs or covers you can check out his channel on youtube and the new AMP channel and catch him on the following other medias too 🙂


Sam’s youtube channel

AMP youtube channel




big thanks from the WTYT crew to Sam for readily agreeing to this interview! 🙂

keep your eyes peeled for more In the Spotlight posts as we get to know even more interesting and inspirational individuals in our global community 🙂

peace out kiddos!

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  1. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long)
    so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly
    enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new
    to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for inexperienced blog writers?
    I’d really appreciate it.

    • notsandcrosse says:

      hi there 🙂 I’m no “experienced” blogger but something I always hold on to is to write even for the audience of 1. For me personally, I blog because I enjoy blogging and writing and if even just one person takes something away from what I have shared, that’s good enough for me 🙂 Don’t blog for the sake of gaining a readership but blog because you enjoy it. Be innovative and have your own style, there’s no need to emulate other more popular or renowned bloggers. 🙂

      enjoy blogging! we’d love to read your posts so do share it with us 🙂

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