My sister, Daphne and I have been wanting to visit third wave for AGES but for some reason or other we never really got down to going. Once, we actually found ourselves in a state decent enough to leave the house but I think the prospect of staying home to watch episodes of Scandal (awesome … Continue reading


so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D follow … Continue reading

dipped the hair

s0 yes i did the hair… dipped it to be more specific. ombre took the hair world on by storm recently but and now it has evolved into a new trend.. dip dye.  this new and loud hair trend has captivated the fashionistas with a lot of celebrities experimenting with different colours and streaking techniques. … Continue reading


newww shooooeeees!!!! giggedy giggedy….^_____^   disclaimer: this will be a FWP post. aka….First World Problem.   im a sucker for shoes – even though i dont wear heels all that often because im already pretty tall…my shoe wardrobe is exponentially expanding….uh oh 0__O anyway! finally got my black suede Jeffrey Campbell Adelaide wedges, which are … Continue reading


caught up with 2 friends at Coffeehead in camberwell yesterday; a new cafe/brunch place i had not heard of until i got back to australia recently!   the decor to this place is a bit industrial [reminds me a bit of the ‘coffee snob’ location Four Barrels, which me and my friend found in San … Continue reading


so i think we were all a bit surprised how many hits my previous post on the singapore shop Lacquar was [see HERE] all of a sudden; im not entirely sure why given i posted about it last year! but congratulations to them if its a recent boost in interest:) given that, i thought i … Continue reading


…so my title totally doesnt make any sense but it got your attention…right? haha. caught up today with my dear friend xtine at a new cafe opened by one of her family friends in Doncaster, MC Square Cafe – the location of the cafe within the Manningham Council community centre was a surprise for both … Continue reading

outfitted for winter

for fashionistas, winter is either a time of heaven or hell – either they embrace the array of various layer techniques or they end up looking like a walking knitted michelin man which is not a pretty look. personally, i’ve always loved layering, i remember in high school my friends used to count the number … Continue reading


quick post – decided to check out Brother Baba Budan with diana yesterday, and finally see the similarity to Coffee Lab in seoul! [numerous people told me about this place once i posted the picture in coffee lab; i had no idea this place existed before then]…     …anyway! pretty chill little place, i … Continue reading

brunch adventures – green eggs and ham

Sam I am, Sam I am did not like green eggs and ham. but he probably would have loved green eggs and smoked salmon from Degraves Espresso Bar. yup you heard read me right.. green eggs is not a fiction of dr seuss’ imagination, down on Degraves St, it is a very real (and delectable) brunch … Continue reading