i’m sky high.. with royal brunei

those who have heard of royal brunei.. put your hands up. yeah me neither.. not until i went to flight centre to enquiry about flights to singapore – only then did i realise that these were the cheapest tickets on the market. yes that’s right even cheaper than airasia AND jetstar.. which is crazy considering … Continue reading


went to see Xmen: First Class with lara in doncaster today. i think we had our doubts about the quality of the film because well…although i really enjoyed wolverine for the action/entertainment factor, they majorly stuffed up the timeline and xmen universe history in origins. as well as stuffing too many mutants into the film … Continue reading

making it to paradise

yes k-drama.. they’re all the rage now.  in fact anything korean is the trend now.  and well in all honesty, in my opinion, koreans do seem to do their dramas pretty well.. from make-up to sets to looks and acting talent. being a major drama addict i’m very picky about dramas I tend to steer … Continue reading