warning; this post may be a bit more personal/rambly/nonsense than usual, but cut me some slack its the last day of the year HAHA. so since i will be unable to post during the end few hours of 2012; here is my premature post. can you believe its nearly the end of 2012?! this year … Continue reading

Uber Ubin Weekend

so firstly, apologies for posting once every forever.. but work has been crazy and so to relax i figured a weekend break was well in order. i managed to find a deal on streetdeal.sg which included 1 night stay at Celestial Resort on Pulau Ubin Island, 2 hours of kayaking/snorkelling, 2 hours of fish spa, … Continue reading

i wear the pants in this office

Ahhh the corporate world. Unfortunately  I recently joined the working world, embarking on the first chapter of my professional career and VERY unfortunately this involves dressing like a working adult as well. I personally REALLY detest office wear.  I think it is extremely boring and very uncomfortable and 3 months into my new job has … Continue reading


…rofl what were you expecting? [unless you came directly from the home page…then that just ruined my lame joke] decided to try out the China Glaze polishes i got on sale online with lara; i dont have that much time to paint my nails but procrastination got the better of me this morning. the 3 … Continue reading


pretty much just trying to work out how posting on wordpress via my blackberry works. coffee time post-facial/manicure with lara!

this is how we chill..

so this post is probably about 2 months.. o_o. so i’m sorry but i’ve been quite busy of late with travelling and other work issues soooo i’m sorry! but before i left for singapore i had a little outing with one of our very own wtyt girls – beckii and she recommended me to her … Continue reading