..i am for reaaal! haha…     went to brunch at Miss Jackson in St Kilda with some church friends – KH’s most raved about brunch spot. little did i know he only orders the same one thing every single time, but more on that later…   it so happened that today is St Kilda … Continue reading

bubbletea diaries: Chapter 1 Artease

Dear Diary, Today, i can say i officially live off bubble tea now with an average of 2~3 cups a week of varying sizes and brands i could almost be dubbed Bubbletea Connoisseur . The bubble tea of this chapter is Artease. A fairly new and recently established brand which only has 3 branches in Singapore so … Continue reading


another severely delayed post, last wednesday us three girls went out for brunch on the yarra to catch up. destination of choice was this unique little cafe called ‘ponyfish island’, which is located under the bridge which connects flinders street to southbank. given the open air setting, we were praying for good weather as it … Continue reading

embrace your heritage

I would like to see someone wear this! From The Blonds 2011 Fall collection

retro 80s on a summer day.

last sunday  inez and i went down to check out the st kilda festival + meet di; not that i usually bother with these kind of things as its insanely packed with people and freakin hot…and when you combine the two, masses of hot-bodied people results in a lot of sweaty, slow moving frustration. rofl. … Continue reading