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Name: Diana
Age: 24+
Contact: d.loo86@hotmail.com

Favourite food/drink: this is a hard one! too many to choose from! LOL but i’m totally obssessed with what they have to offer at Izakaya Den (a jap tapas-ish sort of restaurant on the corner of little collins and russel street)

Describe your style: Lol 🙂 I’ve always found it hard to answer this question cos I’m not sure if I have a set style, but I’ve always noticed that i tend to not dress as girly as the girls around me (i.e. i dont really like florals or dainty jewellery). I guess I like anything cool, edgy and makes a statement 🙂

A trend/fashion item that I would love to try: I would love to be able to shave a side of my head and have some sort of short asymmetric cut 🙂 Either that or have Anya’s hair… (She’s from the 9th season of project runway and a really great designer!). wouldn’t dare try it cos i think its a hairstyle that is a bit too bad ass for me lol! and also because of work reasons.

Holy grail item: This has GOT to be my HOH sunburst necklace. When I bought it, the lovely lady who was assisting me told me that she owns one as well… and she was amazed at how it just seemed to go well with ANYTHING. I’ve found that to be very very true indeed! I love it! 🙂

What would I like to get out of this blog: I’ve never really thought about what I would like to get out of this blog…but more of what we want to give the readers – an all round enjoyable time reading what we have put together be it about fashion, travels, food or just the random things in life we come across! 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll be the inspiration behind a few great outfits out there 😉

Favourite trend at the moment: statement jewellery!!! yummyyy!


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