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Name: Inez

Age: 22
Contact: drop a comment below i’d reply – i’m very friendly although sometimes i look like i want to bite especially when i first wake up but more than happy to make friends or just chat in general

Favourite food/drink: ice cream / bubble tea – i know i’m a kid but desserts rule over savories.

Describe your style: this is always such a difficult question for me because i can’t really put my finger on what exactly my style is it seems to revolve around my mood most of the time – i tend to pull different things i like from different styles so eg. Geek glasses from preppy styles, loose fitting items from hip hop styles ..etc.. and then put it together to create my own outfit almost like a mash-up of different styles
But whatever i’m wearing MUST be comfortable i’m a stickler for comfort and i seem to have a taste for boys’ fashion sometimes i find myself looking at guy’s clothes without realising and many a-times have bought guys clothes to wear 😛 i can’t help – it they look so COMFY.
Fave trend/look/style of late: I am loving the whole biker/military style always been one of my favs i love it when there are military buttons on something completely random like a lbd and i’ve been loving the whole ripped denims look i think it’s very cool .

A trend/fashion item you would love to try but wouldn’t dare, and why: hmm i don’t think there’s something i wouldn’t DARE try as such.. more of i don’t think it would suit me and my body – i think it’s important to not follow trends blindly but to wear what suits your body type and personality.

A trend/fashion item you cant stand: the shoulder holey tees which seem to be in of late – i think it looks really tacky when not worn well..

Holy grail item[s]: 
• bubble tea – because i live off that stuff now
• geek glasses for when my already small eyes are puffy from lack of sleep – geek glasses are magic at hiding puffy eyes
• denim shorts – for easy matching and leisure/comfy outfits
• For winter weather a massive hoodie to snuggle into and just chill before my laptop
• my Clinique facial cleansing trio – love the clean feeling after washing my face

What you would like to get out of this blog: nothing specific just an outlet for my own views, rants and reviews on music, fashion travels and everything in between.  and whatever does happen out of this blog… all glory to god 🙂

singaporean by birth, australian by brought up, christian by unfailing love, music-obsessed by nature and crazy by choice – a strange girl with no fixed style – only one that evolves and rotates upon mood. I thrive on anything unusual and not of the latest trend and live by the motto of live to be an inspiration not an impression


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