so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D follow … Continue reading


barely had time to do anything but work in the past 2 weeks! am exhausted – so bear with me on the lack of posts=] luckily had some down time with some gfs for a bit on easter sunday. hope it was good for the rest of you too:) tried to pin the fringe back … Continue reading


..i am for reaaal! haha…     went to brunch at Miss Jackson in St Kilda with some church friends – KH’s most raved about brunch spot. little did i know he only orders the same one thing every single time, but more on that later…   it so happened that today is St Kilda … Continue reading


…and so sad about it=[ but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! suffering post holiday blues after touching back down in burn city 1.5 days ago; totally missing asia! T__T   ..however, im not baller enough to be on holiday forever, rofl…so back to work i go. currently trying my best to unpack the shopping hauls and … Continue reading