so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D follow … Continue reading


…so my title totally doesnt make any sense but it got your attention…right? haha. caught up today with my dear friend xtine at a new cafe opened by one of her family friends in Doncaster, MC Square Cafe – the location of the cafe within the Manningham Council community centre was a surprise for both … Continue reading


quick post – decided to check out Brother Baba Budan with diana yesterday, and finally see the similarity to Coffee Lab in seoul! [numerous people told me about this place once i posted the picture in coffee lab; i had no idea this place existed before then]…     …anyway! pretty chill little place, i … Continue reading

brunch adventures – green eggs and ham

Sam I am, Sam I am did not like green eggs and ham. but he probably would have loved green eggs and smoked salmon from Degraves Espresso Bar. yup you heard read me right.. green eggs is not a fiction of dr seuss’ imagination, down on Degraves St, it is a very real (and delectable) brunch … Continue reading


quick catch up with di over brunch last thursday at The European, a lil cafe on Spring Street in the city…can i reiterate, how much i HAAATE PARKING IN THE CITY!? especially in the daytime when you have to pay heaaaps for it, and there is barely any…   ..anyway after circling for about 40 … Continue reading


so this post is long overdue, but now that iv finally received the right pair of dr martens, i can blog about it!   with the help of one of my friends, i managed to finally purchase a pair of black doc martens [over a month ago!] to replace my fake hong kong bought ones…which, … Continue reading


sometimes, having money doesnt necessarily buy you style. i dont claim to have amazing style in any sort, but just a recent train of thought – if you have money to buy all the latest trends and brands, doesn’t equate to being able to put them together in a tasteful way!   haha….anyway! last weekend … Continue reading


another day of eating! with sam…   being tofu fans, we decided to go try out The Tofu Shop on Bridge Rd after passing by the Sass + Bide sale [which, on the first day of opening, was RIDICULOUS…the line of girls stretched like 50m down the street! 0__O]       much smaller than … Continue reading

summer is coming!

…but then it was replaced by rain + cold wind soon after. i love melbourne’s bipolar weather…=P   outfit details:  Urban Outfitters ‘St Tropez’ tee | Cotton On grey singlet | Cheap Monday asymmetry grey jersey skirt | Zigi Girl gold chain sandals | House of Harlow multi-chain bracelet   i love urban outfitters tshirts….this … Continue reading

ghic’d out

geek is the new chic my fashion friends – thus ghic the preppy geek look has caught on really quickly and easily with the guys – plaid shirts, dork glasses, loafers, 3/4 dress pants.. etc.. but the look is yet to pick up with the girls. now of course this below: is a major no-no … Continue reading