My sister, Daphne and I have been wanting to visit third wave for AGES but for some reason or other we never really got down to going. Once, we actually found ourselves in a state decent enough to leave the house but I think the prospect of staying home to watch episodes of Scandal (awesome … Continue reading

outfitted for winter

for fashionistas, winter is either a time of heaven or hell – either they embrace the array of various layer techniques or they end up looking like a walking knitted michelin man which is not a pretty look. personally, i’ve always loved layering, i remember in high school my friends used to count the number … Continue reading

brunch adventures – green eggs and ham

Sam I am, Sam I am did not like green eggs and ham. but he probably would have loved green eggs and smoked salmon from Degraves Espresso Bar. yup you heard read me right.. green eggs is not a fiction of dr seuss’ imagination, down on Degraves St, it is a very real (and delectable) brunch … Continue reading

dragon girl.. ?

or not.. haha firstly Happy Chinese New Year to all everyone out there reading out blog. so as you asians know Chinese New Year just past a week ago.  This is probably the first time in 8 years I’ve spent Chinese New Year back in Singapore and it’s quite a big holiday and event over … Continue reading

Busy days

Last Saturday was probably one of the busiest days I’ve had so far in the new 2011. The day was spent in church: dance rehearsals for our upcoming easter production filled up my morning and cooking up a storm in the kitchen with my cell group, the afternoon. But! I also knew that I at … Continue reading