warning; this post may be a bit more personal/rambly/nonsense than usual, but cut me some slack its the last day of the year HAHA. so since i will be unable to post during the end few hours of 2012; here is my premature post. can you believe its nearly the end of 2012?! this year … Continue reading


quick post – decided to check out Brother Baba Budan with diana yesterday, and finally see the similarity to Coffee Lab in seoul! [numerous people told me about this place once i posted the picture in coffee lab; i had no idea this place existed before then]…     …anyway! pretty chill little place, i … Continue reading


so, bagels are so good. but SO evil. …damn youuuu bagel for being so deceptive! *shakes fist at bagel*   went this morning to Manchester Press to catch up with miss diana, who i have not seen for 4 months!? due to my overseas escapades. iv always heard of this place but never knew where … Continue reading


quick catch up with di over brunch last thursday at The European, a lil cafe on Spring Street in the city…can i reiterate, how much i HAAATE PARKING IN THE CITY!? especially in the daytime when you have to pay heaaaps for it, and there is barely any…   ..anyway after circling for about 40 … Continue reading


WARNING: kaya photo overload below…   so it started off like this.. diana: there’s a new kaya place opening in the city, my friend’s cousin is making the kaya! me: WHAT!? MORE KAYA?! WHERE!?       …so of course, being the kaya-addict i am, diana and i made a trek to Toastbar today, a … Continue reading

snow white and the seven seeds

teehee ok not quite white but, close enough. This pinky champagney asymmetric chiffon shirt is currently my favvvvvourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. Got it from Singapore’s first H&M store when I was back there for a week at the beginning of the year. too short, as always 😦 loveee it!!! … Continue reading

Hardware societe revisited

I just downloaded the WordPress application on my new iPhone 4s!!! This phone has definitely made me feel more set up as compared to my old Nokia e71. Where have I been all these years!!! Ive just realised what a luxury it is to be able to check my email (all my accounts!) at the … Continue reading


…hahahaha.   because we are all busy people, i went out last sunday with di + her sister daph for an uber early birthday celebration with their friend yijun at Hellenic Republic,  a Greek restaurant in Brunswick.     note: i also forgot to bring my dSLR memory card! luckily i had my point and … Continue reading

overseas visits

A friend from Singapore is visiting me this week! And we’ve absolutely been living it up by doing all the touristy stuff and enjoying all the good food and drink Melbourne has to offer… Hellenic Republic with beckii, Darac, Izakaya Den. Golden Monkey… you name it!!! We’re off to Hardware Societe now for a morning … Continue reading


YES! I’m back blogging on this space after my long hiatus 🙂 (and i hope i won’t disappear again for too long a time after this). My work roster has started to take its toll on me… and after I’ve done my part to bring in that moolah, I think I’ve turned slightly materialistic. Or … Continue reading