so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D follow … Continue reading

i wear the pants in this office

Ahhh the corporate world. Unfortunately  I recently joined the working world, embarking on the first chapter of my professional career and VERY unfortunately this involves dressing like a working adult as well. I personally REALLY detest office wear.  I think it is extremely boring and very uncomfortable and 3 months into my new job has … Continue reading

ghic’d out

geek is the new chic my fashion friends – thus ghic the preppy geek look has caught on really quickly and easily with the guys – plaid shirts, dork glasses, loafers, 3/4 dress pants.. etc.. but the look is yet to pick up with the girls. now of course this below: is a major no-no … Continue reading