My sister, Daphne and I have been wanting to visit third wave for AGES but for some reason or other we never really got down to going. Once, we actually found ourselves in a state decent enough to leave the house but I think the prospect of staying home to watch episodes of Scandal (awesome … Continue reading


so, bagels are so good. but SO evil. …damn youuuu bagel for being so deceptive! *shakes fist at bagel*   went this morning to Manchester Press to catch up with miss diana, who i have not seen for 4 months!? due to my overseas escapades. iv always heard of this place but never knew where … Continue reading

dragon girl.. ?

or not.. haha firstly Happy Chinese New Year to all everyone out there reading out blog. so as you asians know Chinese New Year just past a week ago.  This is probably the first time in 8 years I’ve spent Chinese New Year back in Singapore and it’s quite a big holiday and event over … Continue reading

things that come with time will always be better

I caught up with a few long lost friends (of varying degrees) last Thursday over a Joshua Radin gig. I’m bad at putting music into genres, but his music is more towards the indie/chill/quiet/pensive side…with a few soft soft soft rock tracks in his latest album. If I remember correctly, I first heard his songs … Continue reading