so i know this is a bit of a filler post – but i haven’t really posted any instagram shots in a long while, as far as i remember. so! i decided to collate the ones i thought were fashion/style-relevant from my instagram pictures over the past 4 months. they wont be in order=D follow … Continue reading


barely had time to do anything but work in the past 2 weeks! am exhausted – so bear with me on the lack of posts=] luckily had some down time with some gfs for a bit on easter sunday. hope it was good for the rest of you too:) tried to pin the fringe back … Continue reading

overseas visits

A friend from Singapore is visiting me this week! And we’ve absolutely been living it up by doing all the touristy stuff and enjoying all the good food and drink Melbourne has to offer… Hellenic Republic with beckii, Darac, Izakaya Den. Golden Monkey… you name it!!! We’re off to Hardware Societe now for a morning … Continue reading


caught up over dinner with my friend jonah tonight – went to this lil dumpling cafe on exhibition street in the city called ‘Dumpling Sisters’ – cheap, and the food was not bad! albeit a little fried/oily for my taste…but thats what happens when you eat out hey=P actually quite enjoyed the siu long bao…even … Continue reading