beckii edit 2

Name: Beckii
Age: 23
Contact: beqIIdiffer@gmail.com

Favourite food/drink: i have a serious weakness for anything with redbean in it. redbean iced drinks, redbean buns, redbean desserts, redbean soup…YOU NAME IT! i also have a small [okay, huge] weakness for pancakes; and to a lesser extent, waffles:D [you can tell i have a major sweettooth, rofl!]

Describe your style: this one is pretty hard for me to define – as inez and di also said, i tend to dress…not very girly; and comfort is a huge factor. who says you cant look cool AND be comfortable at the same time? i have a penchant for monogram/funky/bright hoodies [i own way too many for my own good], Dr Martens/military boots/kicks, dog tags. tights are my all-year-round staple. LOVE nerd glasses and suspenders as well! a little hiphop, a little punk/indie [i was that weird kid in uni days with fluro coloured hair…at some points], a little preppy…i naturally am attracted to anything more edgy and individual – although once in a while, when the occasion calls for it, it is also fun to glam up, and dress like a girl;)

A trend/fashion item you would love to try but wouldn’t dare, and why: hmm…probably hats? i can work a beanie alright, but fedoras and the likes, although i think they look dope on so many people, i do not think i would be able to pull off and feel comfortable wearing. i know im wearing a fitted in the profile pic but i havent gotten round to wearing it around normally ROFL… also, some trends just would NOT work well with my body shape=/

A trend/fashion item you cant stand: urm….legwarmers. or round Yoko Ono/John Lennon-esque glasses…and nail polish on guys=/

favourite trend/look/style of the late: hmmm ombre hair! i tried to get my hairdresser to emulate this; but she wasnt used to doing that kind of dye so my hair ended up looking like bad regrowth…and now its like 3 different shades after being fixed=/ ROFL! also LOVING navajo/aztec/tribal prints, hot!

who is your style muse/icon?: i am going to say, CL from 2NE1 has amazing style and i love how she can pull together the craziest fashion items to make them look good…shes so fierce! also love wendy lam from nitrolicious’s style:)

Holy grail item[s]: MAC powerpoint eyeliner in Prussian Blue/Industry, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, The Face Shop MiGamSu ricewater makeup remover, [nearly any] Max Factor mascara, Lucas Papaw Ointment!

What you would like to get out of this blog: I originally wanted to start this blog as a social media platform in order to get my art out there, and to voice my opinions [and love] of hiphop and streetwear fashion in general…iv always been so interested in fashion, yet i never voiced it until now! im glad diana and inez are in the mix with me, because its interesting to get al our different perspectives and opinions on certain topics, even though we are all similar to an extent. the longterm hope would be that you readers will find our posts enjoyable, informative and interesting [with time…we’re warming up!], and the hope that due to my previous lack of time to have too much concern over my appearance, that it’ll help me to structure outfits better and push me to make more of an effort;)


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